What is this?

How hard could it possibly be to create a website?

Ohhhhh. This is pretty damn hard.

— Joey Marrazzo.


Welcome to the official website/blog of GoodBadEh. Happy to have you here.

Here’s the situation.

Video making is cool and all, but I haven’t been able to make any game reviews in a while since I haven’t been playing anything new. I’ve been busy in everything else, so I don’t have the extra time to beat a game, write up a script, edit it and all that stuff.

This is where the website comes in.

Unfortunately, I was let go from my previous website. That is definitely not what I wanted but these things happen. Writing about video games combines two of my favorite things: Writing and Video Games. I wanted to continue writing about video games. After applying to a few outlets, and not hearing back, I figured I would create a website based on the ‘brand’ that I created earlier this year.

So this is the place to go for video game things for GoodBadEh.

What happens to the YouTube channel???

It will continue! Games and Movies will be scarce but I will try my best to restart the Hot Sauce videos which originally was just to see if there was an audience, and they performed better than most of the game videos I put out so that’ll start up again this month.

This is definitely a passion project. I love video games and I love reporting about them. Whether nobody visits this site or it gets small viewership, this is more of a challenge for me to continue writing about what’s going on in the video game/movie world.

IF you want to help out and are interested in keeping up with GoodBadEh, the first place to go is the Twitter (@goodbadeh) Twitter is where I am most active. Second, favorite this page. I’ll try and add new articles as often as I can. Other than that, thank you for reading this, I’m excited about this sites future and I hope you will come on this journey with me!

If you are interested in writing for this site whether it is for Games, Movies or MORE, definitely tweet me and I would love to have you write for the site!