At a press event during New York Comic Con, I was able to get hands on with the upcoming Avengers game from Square Enix. 

During the event, I played the A-Day mission that my fellow GS writer Mark Delaney got to play while at PAX. I’ll get to my feelings and reactions to the gameplay in a little bit. The big story that came out of the event was the unveiling of the sixth playable Avenger for the game, Ms. Marvel.

Ms. Marvel, if you may not already know, is a woman named Kamala Khan. She originally appeared in a Captain Marvel comic back in 2013 and ended up receiving her own comic later that year. She is the Marvel’s first Muslim character and she will also be getting her own show on the upcoming Disney streaming service, Disney+. 

Watching the gameplay of Ms. Marvel, she showed off her polymorph abilities that are used to destroy the enemies that she comes across. It looked like a super fun melee hero (my favorite kind). What was even better, was that I was able to play through a mini horde mode where I got to play as Ms. Marvel and get a feel for her abilities…AND THEY WERE AMAZING.

When it comes to any beat-em-up style game whether it’s Spider-Man or the Arkham series, I tend to stick to the ground and use my gadgets and fists to my advantage. Ms. Marvel is that kind of fighter in Marvel’s Avengers. 

With a wide range of attacks from growing her hand or legs to giant proportions, being like Ant-Man and just growing to a giant size, or just clapping her hands, she immediately became my favorite hero that I was able to play as. Everything felt super smooth, her dodging abilities felt really clean compared to the other heroes in the demo. I was really impressed with her gameplay and when I play co-op with my buddies, Ms. Marvel is my primary character to play as.

Let’s go back to the original demo that you’ve definitely seen by now. 

I was super excited, and a little nervous, going into this demo because I am a big fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and I loved the Spider-Man game that came out on PlayStation 4 last year. After the awkward years of silence from Square Enix after they first announced they were working on an Avengers game, followed up by the not so positive reactions from their E3 showing, this game needed to prove itself to me as a game I would buy Day One and spend hours upon hours in its universe that I’ve come to love thanks to the films.

After playing this demo, I can tell you…that I AM IN.

This game plays like a Marvel movie. It is so beautifully directed. Any fight scenes that you play through are shot as if it was a scene out of a movie. One particular fight between Black Widow and Taskmaster really stood out because it was directed really well. 

Putting aside the amazing graphics, the heroes that we have all come to love look a little different and sound a little different, but that’s ok. 

The voice acting feels true to the character. Iron Man has his wit, Thor has his gorgeous accent, you can hear Captain America’s heart whenever he spoke, and Hulk sounds as he would always sound. 

When playing as these heroes, it felt really good as well. Flying through the skies as Iron Man, using your photon blaster to take down enemies in the sky or on the ground felt awesome. 

Having Captain America’s shield to block and throw around a room taking down each enemy in front of you felt satisfying.

Wielding Mjollnir shooting down lightning or throwing it like the Leviathan Axe from last years God of War felt incredible.

Jumping around as Hulk, smacking enemies together or using one enemy to swing around to knock down his enemy friends, felt smashing.

Black Widow I really enjoyed playing as and was my favorite Avenger to play as besides Ms. Marvel. The combo of punches, dodges and her dual pistols felt super quick and smooth in her fight against Taskmaster.

After the gameplay session, Head of Studio at Crystal Dynamics, Scott Amos, gave me a detailed look into whats to come from this highly anticipated game. 

As you may know, the game will feature Solo and Co-op missions. After you complete the A-Day mission to start the game off, you will be introduced to the helicarrier which has the WarTable. At the WarTable, that is where you can see your game world. As a whole, its the globe that you are looking at. Once you zoom in, you can go to different regions and take on different missions.

Speaking of missions, there are two different kinds. The first kind of mission are the Hero Missions. The Hero missions will help you complete the campaign. Each Hero Mission is designed around one of the Avengers. If its an Iron Man mission, you will be able to fly through the skies, if it’s a Hulk mission, there will be a lot of things to smash, and so on. As with any game of this magnitude, the more you play, the more missions you will unlock whether they are Hero Missions or the WarZone missions.

The WarZone missions are the co-op missions for the game. With these, you can play as any Avenger and take on different missions either with your friends or solo. It’s with this mode that you will be able to find gear and unlock even more missions across your world globe. For this mode, your group of 4 can not have duplicate Avengers. You can not have two Black Widows, or Four Thors. 

Whether you are pouring your hours into the Hero Missions or the WarZone missions, your character progression will carry throughout both. 

Some other factoids that Scott wanted to point out were:

Certain skins can be earned through gameplay, while others can be bought through the marketplace. Skins WILL NOT have any effect on the gameplay besides the different look of that particular hero.

There will be new heroes, missions and regions added to the game post launch for free. Another journalist asked about their dedication to the project and if the other studios that worked on this game are also working on other projects. Scott pointed out that the entire studio is focused on this game for the near future. 

Part of the post launch content will include unique story content for the heroes that will arrive post launch. 

While the main antagonist of the game is AIM, there will be minor Marvel villains appearing throughout the game as well.

Scott has so much more to share but insisted that Crystal Dynamics and Square “breadcrumb” everyone as we get closer to the launch in May 2020. He promises more info about the co-op mode and online play at the beginning of next year. 

Speaking with Scott and being able to get hands-on with this game helped me relieve my doubts that this game wouldn’t fulfill an MCU fans video game thirst. After getting quite possibly the best Spider-Man video game last year, it would be hard to follow up with another incredible superhero game, but I know that Marvel’s Avengers will live up to it’s name.

Marvel’s Avengers will launch on May 15, 2020 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia.