Why isn’t Luigi in the cast for the upcoming Ghostbusters 2020 movie? He would make such a compelling character that most people can relate to.

While we wait for the next Ghostbusters film to come out, Nintendo helped us fill our ghost filled void in our hearts by bringing us a new entry into the Luigis Mansion franchise.

With the original coming out in 2001 for the GameCube, and the second, Luigis Mansion: Dark Moon, releasing a mere 12 years later in 2013, fans have been craving a new Luigi adventure.

With Mario getting a brand new adventure on the Switch with Super Mario Odyssey back in 2017, Nintendo finally revealed Luigis Mansion 3 in a Nintendo Direct last September.

Fast forward 13 months and a few days, Luigis Mansion 3 was released on October 31 (Halloween). And what a treat that was.

Instead of Luigi getting to explore a luxurious mansion, this new entry brings Luigi and the gang to a beautiful hotel. The gang pulled up the hotel on a bus driven by Toad (which was adorable since he can’t see over the steering wheel). Welcomed by open arms by Hellen Gravely, the hotel manager, the gang is shown to their rooms.

After a brief nap, Luigi wakes up to see that the hotel has been changed completely, losing its fancy look for one that is more ghostly. Luigi discovers that Hellen Gravely brought in the group as part of a bigger plan presented by King Boo, who she released from ghost prison after Luigis last haunting adventure.

Luigi starts his adventure by exploring the basement with his Polterpup and the Poltergust. Soon he discovers that his pal Professor E. Gadd was also taken by Hellen and King Boo. After freeing Gadd, they both devise a plan to free Luigis friends from the paintings that they were trapped in.

Now we can get to the gameplay.

The gameplay is just as fun as ever. With the simple functions of a plunger suction cup that you can use to move obstacles in your way or to help you solve puzzles, your flashlight to help you light up your space, and your Dark Light to help you discover parts of the hotel that had disappeared, Luigi has all the tools to help rescue his friends.

My favorite part of this game, are the themed floors. Each floor is designed wonderfully based on its certain theme. Just from the top of my head, some of the themes are Theater, Fitness Center, Pirate Ship, a movie studio, a shopping floor, a dancing club, a history museum and so much more.

In total, there are 17 floors, two basements and then 15 themed ones that you will definitely enjoy based on what themes you find fascinating. For me, my favorite floors were the theater, movie studio and Twisted Suites which is based on magicians. That one was hard to navigate but super cool to explore.

One new ability that you will be able to use in your adventures is the one, the only, Gooigi. Gooigi is a creation of Professor Gadd. It is Luigi but made out of Goo. Gooigi is able to go through drains and crates to help you solve puzzles, collect coins and give you a hand if you need double the suction power on a big enemy or obstacle.

Gooigi could either be your best friend, your worst nightmare or both. For me, he was both. There’s a small part in the final cinematic of the game that features Gooigi and it gave me a good laugh, once you beat the game, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

There are several ghosts you will encounter along your adventures. Some are easy to take on, while others do require some maneuvering. One of the ones that bothered me were the Hammers. They have 200hp and you have to run around to their tale to trap it in your Poltergust.

Between trapping in the ghosts and taking on the bosses, each floor of the hotel has expertly crafted puzzles that will either take you a second to figure out, or have you looking up walkthroughs and hitting yourself in the head due to it being so easy or so maniacal that only geniuses could have made it. I definitely had my fair share of both types of puzzles but once I got the hang of what I was supposed to do, it didn’t take me that long to solve them.

The only ghosts that you will have trouble with, are the bosses. Each boss has a gimmick that you have to recognize early on so you don’t take useless hits that will take away your health.

Some of the bosses can be super easy: avoid their attacks, wait for them to get confused, flash them with your flashlight and then suck them up. Others require more concentration to pass the attack phase. Two of the levels that had me confused was the Twisted Suites boss and of course the final boss.

My run through of the campaign clocked in around 11 hours I believe. While it is very rare that you will die, there are ways to prevent it.

In Professor Gadds lab in the basement, you can use the coins you gather during your adventure to purchase dog bones. You can have up to 5 on you at a time, and each time you run out of health, your Polterpup will grab one and respawn you without you losing any progress in the fight you were in.

You can also use your coins to help you find the Boos that are scattered on each floor but I didn’t explore the floors once I completed it.

One ANNOYING aspect of the story is the damn Polterkitty. This damn cat. Right after you would collect the button to install in the elevator, a stupid cat would snatch it from you, and you would have to track it down. It would first go to a different room, and then would travel to the floor beneath you. So you would have to explore that floor again just to find the damn cat and recover the button.

Thankfully, this only happens twice (I’m pretty sure only twice) in the game so it wasn’t a common occurrence. But this damn cat had me aggravated while I was streaming the game (twitch.tv/goodbadeh, shameless plug).

While I did really enjoy the story and every aspect of the gameplay, one part of the game that I had trouble with were the controls. Controlling the Poltergust did give me issues early on and those issues did not go away as I played more of the game. I did play with the settings but it never made the situation better. I highly recommend using a pro controller to play this game since the drift in my joy-cons were starting to bother me and really effect the gameplay. But besides that, I have no complaints for this game.

Luigis Mansion 3 was just the game I needed. A fun, clever, and intoxicating game that needed me to pay attention so I could uncover the mysteries of the hotel. When I did finally finish the game, I felt accomplished and sad because I didn’t want the adventure to end.

If you are looking for a game to play on your Switch or just a fun game, definitely take a look at Luigis Mansion. It will give you joy, make you think and just give you a fun gaming experience that isn’t mind numbing or boring. Nintendo has killed it again with their first party games, lets just hope it isn’t another 6 years before we see another entry into this amazing series.