Streaming is all the craze as of now. Whether it’s with television, movies, or music, streaming is the future.

It was just a matter of time before video game streaming took center stage. With Microsoft working on its own streaming platform, xCloud, Google also has theirs which hit the market today.

Googles streaming service is called Stadia. It allows you to play games at different resolution qualities based on the package you pay for each month.

With reviews coming out today, it isn’t off to the hottest start.

Gamers have been blaming the streaming quality, lackluster controller and a launch lineup consisting of games that have been out for a few years now, Stadia is struggling out of the gate.

While everyone hopes that Stadia will improve over time because it is great for the video game industry, I found some high quality tweets that show some frustration about Google Stadia.








Those tweets were harsh about the new service, but like I said earlier, people who love video games, want this to succeed.

If this succeeds, it will be a brand new avenue of ways to play video games, and I’m all for that