Disney+ has been doing VERY well so far in the Original Programming department. The Mandalorian is the most streamed show of the YEAR! Besides The Mandalorian, the other shows on the service are also fantastic. Of course, one of those shows is my personal favorite, High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.

Since I haven’t reviewed the previous episodes released. Here is a quick summary of what has happened:

Let’s Get You Caught Up

Ricky and Nini used to date. They ended their relationship right after Nini told Ricky she loved him, which was right before she went to theater camp and met EJ. Before camp ended, they started dating.

The school year starts and it is revealed that the school is putting on High School Musical as their school play. While EJ was a lock in for Troy Bolton, Nini had to compete against a sophomore named Gina. Right when auditions were wrapping up, Ricky storms in hoping that he could still audition for the role of Troy. The drama teacher allows it and she sees the way Nini was looking at Ricky, so she then gives Ricky the role of Troy, and Nini gets the role of Gabriella. Nini is not liking this because she knows that Ricky hates musicals and theater in general.

From Episode 3

This leads to EJ to get a little pissed off because Ricky is her ex and all that high school drama, so in his mind, he needs to take the role of Troy away from Ricky so he can have it. Nini wants Ricky to quit since he isn’t doing it for the right reasons. Gina notices that and convinces Ricky to stick with the musical in hopes that it would make Nini quit, which would give her the role of Gabriella.

EJ believes that Ricky and Nini are texting each other so he steals Ninis phone so he can look through it. Nini believes it was Gina who stole the phone, so Nini steals a bunch of Ginas belongings. While EJ has the phone, Ricky leaves Nini a heartfelt voicemail that Nini would never hear because EJ deletes it after he listens to it. Ricky wondering how Nini reacted to the voicemail, goes up to her and asks for her reaction and she doesn’t know what he was talking about. Nini then discovers that it was EJ that stole the phone and not Gina.

Episode 4: Blocking

The episode begins with Nini confronting EJ about the whole phone situation. EJ defends himself by saying that he was only looking out for her, which leads to a story of how he got a girl sick in theater camp which is the only reason Nini was the lead in that play.

Nini, upset, realizes that she needs to take a step back from EJ to figure everything out. While they go into rehearsal, we get a quick update of Rickys home situation.

In previous episodes, we have gotten short moments between Ricky and his father that felt super out of place when I first saw them, but now they all make sense.

Rickys parents are separating and, like it would to many children, he is emotionally distraught from it. He thought that his parents were working things out but it turns out they tried, but it didn’t make a big enough impact that would help mend their marriage.

So Ricky is late to rehearsal so EJ (Rickys understudy for Troy) steps in so everyone can block the movements for the next musical number in the show. It just so happens that the song they have to perform together is ‘What I’ve Been Looking For’,which is about two people depending on each other to get them through life. It is the wrong song for the moment and it leads to an awkward performance from both EJ and Nini.

From the original High School Musical

Ricky ends up coming in, Miss Jenn (the drama teacher) tells him to meet her in her office. It is there that Ricky tells Miss Jenn about his home situation. Miss Jenn understands and gives him the rest of the day off from rehearsal.

Ricky, not wanting to be at home with his parents, sleeps at Big Reds house (Rickys best friend). He finds it hard to sleep because of Big Reds sleep apnea machine, whose sound is covered by a rainforest meditation audio tape. (I don’t know why but I find sleep apnea machines funny in non dramatic shows.)

EJ is seen parked outside of Ninis house texting her to talk to him just to find out that his number has been blocked. He drives away and we hear an original song from Nini about trying to find the right person to love. There are two verses to this song that we hear, the first one is about EJ, we don’t hear the second verse until after this next sequence.

Ricky leaves Big Reds house and goes to Ninis house where her mom feels sympathy for Ricky and lets him sleep there. Nini hears a male voice and goes downstairs to discover that Ricky is in fact sleeping over. She is originally against it since she has had a tough day, but her mom tells her that his day might’ve been a bit worse.

This leads to a really nice scene between Nini and Ricky. Ricky feels that the only person he can talk to about his situation is Nini. Nini assures him that even though they are broken up, they are still friends and are there for each other. They can both feel the chemistry between them in this moment and Ricky tries to capitalize on it by leaning in for a kiss that Nini turns her head from because it isn’t the right thing to do.

Nini goes upstairs to get Ricky an extra pillow. She comes back downstairs to realize that he had left and went back home. Nini goes back to her room to write the second verse of her song, this one about Ricky.

The episode ends with EJ going to Ginas house asking for help in getting Nini back in his life. Gina has a plan but it involves him taking Gina to the Homecoming Dance.


I have been a huge fan of this show ever since D23 this year and the show just keeps on getting better.

While they are putting on their version of High School Musical, this show doesn’t have an obscene amount of references to the trilogy. There are a few thrown in but this show is more high school drama than High School Musical which I appreciate.

This episode was all around really good.

The laugh out loud moments weren’t there in this episode, but it was a character development episode for Ricky. Seeing him have hope that his parents marriage is being saved when his mom walks in, just for it to be taken away in the next moment was really sad.

Ricky doesn’t have many people that he could reach out to. He has his best friend, Big Redd, but that is about it. He really did rely on Nini to be the person he relied on but since they weren’t together, he didn’t have that person anymore.

The scene between Ricky and Nini was fantastic. It brought both of them back to when they were dating and they both felt that. There is still a connection there, and I for one really hope that before the season ends, they are back together.

I only wish that because you can see the chemistry between them two, and also due to the fact that EJ is not a good boyfriend. Stealing her phone because you didn’t trust her, and then saying she wouldn’t have gotten certain things if it wasn’t for him, that is not the type of person that anyone should be with.

One character that I wish would just go away is Gina.

I know her purpose in the show and understand why she’s doing what she is doing, but this girl has a different scheme every episode. She is very determined to get this role, and I appreciate that. I just don’t like that I don’t see her alliance. She originally tried to work with Ricky, and now she is working with EJ. She doesn’t have a partner in crime so we don’t really get an idea of what is going on in her mind until it is her chance to speak.

Final Grade

This is what people call a filler episode.

Nothing really happened to push the plot, but it gave us a lot of character background which I definitely believe, will help the story moving forward. The original song by Nini was pretty good as well and that song was written by the actress that plays Nini, Olivia Rodrigo.

Episode 4 of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series is…


What did you think of the newest episode? Are you enjoying the series so far? Let me know in the comments!