UPDATE: Thanks to the Control Twitter account, it is announced that there are no current plans to bring Control to the GamePass service.

While this definitely is a little upsetting, the game is still fairly new and could find its way to the service in the future. We’ll just have to wait a little bit longer for it to be officially announced.

During an ExtraLife stream, head honcho of Xbox, Phil Spencer, seemingly mentioned that Control will be coming to GamePass.

“I thought Control was really good. It didn’t reach enough people so I’m glad to see that it’s coming in to GamePass, so hopefully more people will play it.” -Phil Spencer

Control is the newest game from Remedy. It released in August of this year and it is an action-adventure game that challenges the laws of reality with its unique gameplay and story.

I played Control after it came out and it was fantastic.

The story revolves around a girl named Jesse who goes into the FBC (Federal Bureau of Control) headquarters, The Oldest House, to find her younger brother.

Early on in the game, Jesse is selected as the new Director of the FBC (Federal Bureau of Control). She now explores the Oldest House exploring each sector of the building in order to find clues that will lead her to her brother.

While I didn’t officially review the game on GoodBadEh, I would’ve given it a Good rating and it is currently in the running for my personal Game of the Year.

When it does come to GamePass, the exact date is unknown, I highly recommend people play it. It was an incredible story, mixed with unique gameplay and abilities that will keep you playing.