It is Friday and that means a wave of new episodes from Disney+ has hit the service. This, of course, means there is a new episode of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series available to watch, and that’s exactly what I did!

If you missed last weeks episode, you can find a show summary and an Episode 4 Review right HERE!

————————————SPOILERS BELOW————————————

This episode starts off with the confirmation that Nini and EJ are no longer dating. This makes Ricky a little optimistic that they could get back together, and the way he wants to start that process, is to bring her to the homecoming dance.

We then pick up with Nini and Kourtney.

Nini is trying to flush her homecoming dress down the toilet, much to Kourtneys entertainment, and is failing. (Obviously)

Nini believes she needs a night to just relax and unwind, and there is no better way to do that than to have a girls night. Kourtney is onboard and so is Miss Jenn as she emerges from the other bathroom stall.

Rickys dad, who I found out is named Mike, is found sleeping on the couch, bumming it as a recently divorced man usually is. Ricky comes home and see’s him in this state and promptly tells him to get his sh*t together. Mike throws out the idea of making a dating profile.

Ricky unveils that he will be going to the homecoming dance, but not with Nini. He and Big Red will be going together as a bro-pack. (Which I respect!)

Let’s head back to East High where we see the dancing instructor Carlos asking Seb, the actor who has the Sharpay role, to the homecoming dance after their ‘Bop to the Top’ dance practice went very well.

Seb is a little nervous but agrees to go to the dance with Carlos which makes Carlos ecstatic.

Girls night has just started and Miss Jenn brings Nini along with Kourtney to a bowling alley. When faced with the dilemma that is Kourtney not bowling because of her manicure, Miss Jenn brings them next door to a karaoke bar.

Miss Jenn fishes out a coupon for free soda and nachos and leaves the girls at the karaoke bar while she orders the food.

Kourtney spots the costume designer for the play that is shooting down all of her ideas. She wants to go over and talk to her about the issues she has with her based on the musical, but she doesn’t have the courage to do so.

While she is always standing up for Nini and her battles, she never stands up for her own and Nini calls her out on that.

While at the bar ordering the food, Miss Jenn runs into a man who is waiting for his blind date to arrive. This man just happens to be Rickys dad, Mike. (WOAH! I KNOW!)

They exchange some flirtatious words and Miss Jenn joins the girls back at the table.

Heading back to the homecoming dance, EJ has arrived with Gina as promised thanks to the final moments of Episode 4.

Gina and EJ sit at the theatre table along with Ricky, Big Red, Julia and Carlos.

Seeing this pairing makes Ricky a little bothered so Ricky talks to Gina basically calling her a sneak, not having good intentions, and giving her his opinion about her and EJ. Gina tells Ricky that he isn’t the person who should be giving relationship advice. (BURN)

Ricky and Big Red hit the dance floor. They are chatting while Big Red notices a visible argument between EJ and Gina. Gina proceeds to pour punch over EJ and storms out.

In a camera confidential moment, Gina reveals that this is not how her night was supposed to go. She only went with EJ to make Nini jealous but when she realized Nini wasn’t at homecoming, she knew her plan wasn’t going to work out.

Ricky sees her on her way out and stops her to apologize. It wasn’t really a heartfelt apology, but more of a ‘Hey, I know I need to apologize so I’ll say the words apology and we call it a day’ type of apology.

Gina sees that and will only accept the apology if Ricky drives her home, which he does.

While they are driving home, we get a girls night update!

Kourtney signs Nini up to sing at karaoke but Nini declines, which leads her into a little meltdown. She tells Kourtney that her entire theatre experience is based off a lie and she has lost confidence in herself. Kourtney being the best friend that she is, tells her that she is wrong and that she is very talented.

Nini has always been in a relationship and has never really focused on who she is and how she sees herself. She only cared about how her boyfriend saw her, and Kourtney was all about helping her get past that.

While at the bar waiting for the nachos, Miss Jenn runs into Mike again (so weird calling him Mike and not Rickys dad). Mike reveals that he made his blind date up just so he can have an excuse to talk to Miss Jenn. You can see that there might be a spark there but that’s all we get from these two for the rest of the episode.

This leads us to an original song which is called ‘Born to be Brave.’ The message of the song is to basically have confidence in yourself and everything that you do. It sounded kind of like an Imagine Dragons song.

During the musical number, we went back and forth between Kourtney and Nini in the back alley of the karaoke bar, and the homecoming dance where Seb (Carlos’ date) never showed up, which hurt Carlos on the inside.

At the end of the number, Carlos is uplifted (literally and figuratively) and sees that Seb did arrive. He was late because one of his cows died and he couldn’t text Carlos because there was bad reception in the barn. (Stupid TV show excuse but I’ll go along with it)

Nini, Kourtney and Miss Jenn all get into the car since girls night has ended. Miss Jenn checks her phone to see that she has missed A LOT of messages and a voicemail.

This is when I tell you that I forgot to include something minor in the recap last week.

So the robotics teacher has it out against Miss Jenn for some reason. He is on a mission to find out who she truly is. He went into some archive room in the school to study documents from the time that she allegedly was an actor in High School Musical (the film). He finds out that she was just an extra that didn’t have any lines. He showed this to Miss Jenn and she felt a little nervous but knew that this is where she belonged.

So back to the current episode:

The voicemail was left by the principal asking her to stop into the office the next school day. This is definitely concerning the information that the robotics teacher had uncovered.

Before the episode ends, we get a moment between Ricky and Gina as he drops her off. We learn that Gina has been to 5 different schools in 7 years and that her home life isn’t that great. Ricky looks like he feels bad for her, but you can tell that he definitely understands Gina a little bit better now.

Their relationship isn’t as rocky as it was at the start of the episode and that is confirmed when Gina gives Ricky a kiss on the cheek before she exits the car. Could their be a possible relationship between the two in the future?

My Thoughts

I definitely am a bit biased when I say I enjoyed this episode as well. I didn’t enjoy it as much as the past episodes but we got a lot more character development which I always appreciate.

The focus of this episode I believe was building up someone’s confidence which I am ALL FOR. The song portrayed that message very well.

I am super excited for the next episode to find out what happens with Miss Jenn. Her possible relationship with Mike is something I’m not so sure about. I don’t like when shows mix personal life with work/school life but I’m interested to see how it plays out.

Nini has a good mindset right now. She is single and has no plans to date anytime soon. I like this new Nini but I don’t know if it will last long once we get closer to the opening day of the musical. I believe that her and Ricky will get back together once they start rehearsing more and ultimately perform together in the show.

Ricky and Gina is something that I can’t see happening. He very much still cares for Nini and I believe that he is a good enough person to not interact with Gina in a way that would lead to a possible romantic relationship.

Episode 6 releases next Friday and I’m super excited to see what happens next!

What did you think about this episode? Do you think that Miss Jenn and Mike will end up dating? Is her job really in jeopardy? Let us know in the comments!

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