The holiday season is in full swing, and so is festival season at Epcot! Well, nowadays that’s a year round thing. But, we returned to Epcot for a second round of the Epcot International Festival of the Holidays 2019 to try some more food! Some were great. Others….you’ll see.

If you haven’t checked out our first trip around the festival, you can see that HERE!

Our first stop came from the Germany Pavilion. This was the first of many super long lines on the day we visited. Granted it was a Saturday and Rise of the Resistance just opened days prior (read our review on that national treasure by the way.)

The Bavaria Holiday Kitchen is highly popular for the cheese fondue in a bread bowl. However, I went against the status quo (HSM reference) and got the pork schnitzel with mushroom sauce and spaetzle.


This was basically some breaded pork pieces with a creamy and rich mushroom sauce, topped with some tiny egg noodles. This was very tasty.

The mushroom sauce is really what brings this together. However, it was served a bit cold. I’ll chalk that up to the large crowds, but the taste made this worth it. I would pay $6.25 for this dish again.

Next up, we ventured to the Italy Pavilion. The Tuscany booth is often my favorite. I usually can’t get enough of their offerings during every festival, even though it typically has a higher price point. But I couldn’t say the same about this years menu.


I got the Collezione Barilla. It is pennette pasta, sweet sausage, caramelized onions and creamy sauce. It was $7.

I posted the above picture to Twitter and someone compared it to cat food. The taste wasn’t far off. I guess I didn’t think the sausage was going to be ground into pieces. I figured it would be sliced. But the ground pieces of sausage were few and far between, which was honestly fine because it was flavorless.

The sauce also didn’t taste like much more than cream. I didn’t find any onions. I was highly disappointed. I would suggest trying one of the flatbreads or desserts they’re offering at this booth instead.


Finally, I ventured into the Canada Pavilion for a stop at the Yukon Holiday Kitchen. I’m a big fan of finishing my festival trip with a dessert, and an option of this menu spoke to me; the maple Bûche de Noël.

This was gingerbread cake with maple filling, meringue, pecans, and cranberry syrup.

OMG. This was super tasty! And it only cost $4.50!

Nothing was overpowering, but everything was super flavorful and the ingredients complemented each other. The pecans added a nice crunch and the syrup had just the right amount of tang. Between this and the horchata cheesecake I tried last week, I’d pick this.

And that’s that! More tasty treats from Epcot’s Festival of the Holidays! Hopefully we will be able to take another trip before it wraps up and bring you more reviews!

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