We are officially half way through the first season of this fantastic show and we finally had an episode that had some weight to it when it comes to the plot.

Let’s get to it!

Quick catch up about some things from previous episodes that you’ll need to know.

Miss Jenn is not who she says she is. The robotics teacher is not a fan of her and ratted her out to the principal. She received a call in the last episode asking for her to appear in front of the principal the next day at school.

After Homecoming, Ricky drove Gina home and they had a nice conversation where Ricky learned more about Gina and they might have feelings for each other.

Spoilers for What Team? start now!

The episode starts with Miss Jenn being let go from her job. It just so happens it is the same day as the photo shoot for the program that will be given out at the musical.

The cast is dressed exactly the same as the original cast was for the movie poster which was a nice throwback moment. When they are jumping to recreate the picture, none of them jump at the same time which makes me reminisce about The Office Christmas card photo shoot. They all take a five minute break.

Gina and Ricky seem to be friendly at the photoshoot and EJ takes notice. He talks to Gina about what happened at Homecoming and how their schemes to become the leads in the musical aren’t going as planned.

Gina seems to be happy in her role while EJ still wants to be the lead with Nini since he is trying to win her back.

Carlos meets up with Miss Jenn in the hallway and he is informed of her firing, but Miss Jenn assures him that she will fight for her job. Carlos is now the unofficial director of the musical and now has to go to staging practice for a musical number for Nini.

Carlos isn’t allowed to tell the cast about Miss Jenn being fired and it’s going to be hard for him to hold onto that secret because it is already eating him up inside.

At the staging practice, the idea of Nini singing ‘When There Was Me and You’ while walking through a forest of boys after a scene in the play where Troy sells her out to his teammates is not sitting well with the rest of the cast. Ricky suggested they lose the forest of boys and just have Nini perform an acoustic version of the song, but nobody agrees with the idea. The minor uproar gets to Carlos and he spills the beans about Miss Jenn.

This news and the fact that Carlos hid this information from the rest of the cast caused the morale to diminish. Everyone in the cast leaves rehearsals.

EJ catches up with Nini and decides to come clean about everything that he has been doing including the schemes he has had to make him the lead. He admits he is only coming clean due to his belief that the musical is over. EJ walks away and Nini hears Ricky singing in another room so she decides to check it out.

Back in the rehearsal space, Gina wanted to hear the acoustic song that Ricky suggested so he starts to perform it. Nini peaks in, not seeing Gina, and looks at Ricky in a sweet way. She then spots Gina and she quickly walks away. Something is happening between them and she doesn’t know how to feel about it.

Carlos meets up with Miss Jenn at a coffee shop to discuss what is happening. Carlos is upset once hearing that Miss Jenn is giving up on her fight to win her job back. Miss Jenn says that she is a fake teacher, but she loves spending time with the kids creating the musical.

Ricky is at Big Reds house just thinking they are hanging out. It turns out that Big Red invited the entire theater club to hang out.

At this impromptu gathering, the theater club comes together (What Team? WILDCATS) and they come up with an idea to save Miss Jenns job at the board meeting the next day.

Before the board meeting, Mike (Rickys dad, still weird to call him Mike) spots Miss Jenn sitting outside of the school. They are both surprised to see each other there. They both find out who each other actually are and they agree to speak after the board meeting is over.

So the board meeting starts and it’s not looking good. For some reason, her name is being brought up but is never fully revealed. It is stated that the name she uses is actually a stage name.

The principal does not want to bring her back. He says that “theater isn’t unique” and it doesn’t have “a special fairy dust” that could be filled by another extracurricular activity.

This line then prompts the kids to perform an original song.

The song acknowledges that Miss Jenn could be sketchy but it doesn’t matter because she is a great teacher and the show wouldn’t exist without her.

The song itself was pretty good. I liked the entire cast getting together, having it be fully choreographed in the infamous cafeteria from the movies. Each notable character had a few lines and it was just a good ensemble performance.

The performance ends and it gets applause from the parents at the board meeting along with some of the board members.

When it came down to the final decision on whether they should let Miss Jenn back, Kaycee Stroh (Martha from the movie trilogy) excitedly asks when can she buy tickets for opening night. She then does her signature dance move and everyone is happy that the show will go on.

When everybody is celebrating, Nini sees Ricky and Gina exchange a hug which makes her visibly upset. Her and EJ then share an innocent glance and the episode ends.


We have some plot progression which is nice. The past few episodes have mostly been about the characters and them finding out who they are, which is fine. I really like the characters in this show so knowing more about them and seeing them face certain challenges that come in their way has been fun to watch.

When it comes to the relationships, I think Ricky and Gina will be explored but he won’t be able to progress that relationship because he still has feelings for Nini. I don’t believe EJ and Nini will get back together. They might hint at it but I don’t see that happening this season.

For Mike and Miss Jenn, I’m happy that this is a thing. Mike needs something for himself, and a way to connect with Ricky. Things have been tough at home for the both of them so having a common interest will definitely help that relationship.

For Miss Jenn, I think this is a good start of her finally becoming herself. She doesn’t have to feel ashamed for not having the past she let people believe she had. She sees this as a fresh start for her career and having a good man besides her will only make her feel better about herself.

When the principal said that theater isn’t unique, the camera showed the robotics teacher and he seemed kind of taken aback by that statement. I’m hoping that this statement from the principal will lighten up his opinions about the theater department because robotics and theater are just as unique as the rest of the clubs that are available in any school.

With half the season in the books with the second half still to come, I believe that we will see a lot of progress made towards actually making this musical happen. More rehearsal times, maybe more unique versions of songs from the original movie. There will be relationship stuff between Ricky/Gina, Ricky/Nini, Nini/EJ, but it will be 50/50 relationship/actual plot.

We half six episodes left of this fantastic series and like always, I’m looking forward to next Friday to see what happens next.

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