The World According to Jeff Goldblum is a fascinating show available on Disney+ that lets us follow Jeff as he explores different hobbies, activities and much more.

Using the charm of Jeff along with the cast of everyday people that are enriched by the activities that he explores in each episode make this show interesting to watch.

While browning Disney+ this morning, I noticed that the newest episode was about Gaming. So of course I downloaded it, I watched it, and now I’m about to tell you what happened along with my thoughts about it.

I don’t plan on doing this for more episodes of this show as this isn’t one of the shows that I have to watch the minute its put on the service, but since it was about Gaming, it peaked my interest.

Gaming is such a broad subject matter. It could’ve gone in so many directions. I was surprised at what this episode showcased since some parts of this episode aren’t things that would pop into someone’s mind when you say the phrase ‘Gaming.’

The episode begins with Jeff in Dallas as he is watching a CounterStrike tournament.

He soon goes backstage to meet up with the team Vitality as they prepare for the tournament. This includes watching other teams previous gameplay and also staying fresh by playing a few rounds.

Unfortunately, Vitality ends up losing in the tournament. Jeff believes it was partly his doing.

Jeff meets up with eSports caster Frankie Ward where she explains what sportscasting for video games is about which includes the popular streaming service Twitch.

Jeff then travels to the studio of Moonwalk Audio.

Moonwalk Audio has created sounds for over 600 video games.

With Jeffs presence, he is put to work to create sounds for a Willy Wonka mobile game. This part was actually really fascinating to watch.

Jeff blew bubbles in a cup filled with water, he shut the lid of a grill outside, he mashed together some sort of vegetable, and he even tickled the keys of the piano to create a pleasant melody.

Each one of those sounds were then put into the mobile game just a little while later.

It was incredible to see not only the process of Jeff making the sounds, but the geniuses of Moonwalk Audio quickly incorporate those sounds into the mobile game and make it work so well.

This was my favorite part of the episode by far.

Now this is one part I was surprised about.

Jeff goes L.A.R.P-ing.

LARPing is Live Action Role Playing.

(I debated in my head if its just LARP since P has ing at the end of the word, or if its like ATM machine)

Jeff goes through LARP training which includes swordplay, creating the role for your character, getting into costume and going on a mission. He gives an inspiring speech to the crowd before the event fully began.

What surprised me about this section is that it isn’t what I think of when someone says the word ‘gaming.’

I don’t have sufficient knowledge about LARP so I’m not the person to say if it truly belongs in the episode, I just thought that it would center more around the video gaming aspect.

I do appreciate that it was put in the episode since it is a bit different and some people watching the show might not even know what LARP is, and more knowledge about topics could never hurt someone.

There is always the discussion about whether gaming affects certain lifestyle aspects like mental health, physical health and players social lives.

This episode explored this for maybe 1 minute.

It was mentioned that people who play games tend to have better brain growth and playing games isn’t isolating like people think it is thanks to online communities.

It briefly mentioned the claim that more violent games like shooters can cause behavioral issues, but they didn’t state anything more than that.

That part bothered me a little bit.

That last topic is very controversial and while some might think it was smart of them to not delve deeper since it is such an important topic that a 30 minute television episode couldn’t fully cover, I think they should’ve explored it more.

The last section of the episode was very cool.

It showed that gaming can be used as an educational tool, a tool that can give you a new perspective on certain things going on in todays world.

Jeff put on a VR headset and took on the role of a tree.

As a tree, he lived through its growth until it became the largest tree in the rainforest. Suddenly there was a flame and it burned down the trees that are surrounding him.

When Jeff took the headset off, he was a bit upset because as he grew as a tree, he formed a relationship with his surroundings, and just for those surroundings to burn down, it made an impact on him.

This is just one example of a game that puts its focus on bigger topics that could help advance the world that we live in and possibly encourage you to make positive changes in your world.

At the end of the episode, Jeff pretty much summed up gaming by saying that you’re here in this world, you might as well have fun.

While the episode briefly touched on different aspects of the gaming world, it didn’t breach the surface. As someone who loves gaming, I, of course, would’ve loved to see a deeper dive on topics like eSports, the VR scene that focuses on games that want to make a change, and many more.

If you know almost nothing about video games, this is a good first day of college where you get an overview of what you’ll be learning in the course. You don’t actually do a deep dive on any of the topics but you get an overall gist of what its about and I think that’s what this series is all about.

It’s an appetizer for each topic. It either peaks your interest for you to do your own research on it, or you just don’t care anything about it.

As someone who knows about gaming, I didn’t really learn much from this episode, but when I watched other episodes such as Tattoos and Ice Cream, I did learn more about those topics since I’m not a part of that culture.

The World According to Jeff Goldblum is a good appetizer for topics that could become the main course and that’s exactly what this episode about gaming was.