While Fortnite is probably the most popular game over the past two years, it never drew me in.

That’s in part of me not liking the battle royale genre, combined with me just having a large amount of games that I would prefer to play over Fortnite.

Recently, I have been starting to play here and there and it has been a lot of fun but I never had the mentality of wanting to go home to just play Fortnite.

That all changed this past weekend.

With the newest Star Wars movie, The Rise of Skywalker, releasing this week, (Movie Review to come on Friday), Fortnite and Star Wars combined forces to bring players a huge crossover event.

At 2pm on Saturday, the event was supposed to begin. With Geoff Keighley, and J.J Abrams in hologram form, the event within the Fortnite game itself went live. Unfortunately, the servers weren’t ready to handle the massive intake of players. Gamers weren’t able to get into a match, and many, like me, weren’t even able to log into the Epic Games Launcher.

Thankfully, the start of the event was delayed by 10 minutes and within that 10 minutes, I was able to log in to take part in the event which involved a Tie Fighter Glider that you can use in-game.

Starting off with an epic battle in the sky with Tie Fighters attempting to shoot down the Milennium Falcon. In the end, the Falcon destroyed the Tie Fighters and landed in front of the audience.

After a brief conversation and a fan vote, J.J Abrams revealed a brand new clip from The Rise of Skywalker.

Once the clip ended, Tie Fighters returned to take down the Falcon so the Falcon flew off, but it left a gift. The gift was 4 different lightsabers: Rey, Kylo Ren, Mace Windu and Luke Skywalker.

What followed was beautiful. It was an all out lightsaber battle only using lightsabers.

With some people believing it was only for that short span of time that lightsabers would be available, players who went back to playing matches found blue crates scattered around the map which contained those 4 lightsabers.

While the lightsabers are AWESOME, they are super overpowered. They can deflect any bullets being shot at them, so charging at an enemy will not give you any damage.

One other secret in the game is Tie Fighter crash sites. At the crash sites, you will find some Stormtroopers on patrol in the area, take them out and you can pick up their Blaster Rifle which is also PRETTY AWESOME.

This Star Wars event is the reason why I am fully into Fortnite right now and have the mentality of: when I get home, I’m hopping on Fortnite.

As a big Star Wars fan, this was all I needed to get back into something. It could be my hype for the new movie, the fact that I’m playing Jedi Fallen Order, or my love for this franchise, I can’t get enough of this game mode.

While the force is obviously not with me because I am still not good at the game, it is so much fun to have lightsaber battles with other players and run around in the exclusive Star Wars skins that are available on the shop

The Fortnite x Star Wars event continues on through the week with it ending this the upcoming weekend, so you have plenty of time to wield a lightsaber and visit a Tie Fighter crash site.

Also, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker releases on Thursday night!