YES, I know this is a week late but I need to write it for continuity purposes.

This article will be a recap of the Thanksgiving episode of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series as well as the High School Musical Special that was released on the same day.

Let’s get to those RECAPS!!


The episode starts off with Ricky and Nini performing ‘Start of Something New’ right before everyone goes on Thanksgiving break.

To prevent any issues, Miss Jenn puts the actors on vocal rest but we all know that this order will not be fully listened to.

Ashleigh has the house to herself on the night of Thanksgiving so she invites everyone to come over and just hang out.

Ricky is having a very low-key Thanksgiving with his dad which consists of buffalo wings and mashed potatoes. It is revealed here that Ricky has not spoken to his mother since she went back to Chicago.

EJ is trying to become a better person so he starts vlogging (he already took so many steps back by becoming a vlogger) and he is being more open about the mistakes he has made in his life.

There is one new relationship that could be blossoming in the HSM cast/crew and it is between Big Red and Ashleigh. They will spend some time together in this episode as well as the next episode that definitely hint at something happening between them before the season ends.

Ricky and Gina have another moment at Rickys house where Gina gives him a hat she made. He puts it on and they both head to the party.

The cast and crew all gather at Ashleighs house and they are feasting over…veggies?

It’s a high school party, and they are eating veggies. This is either Disneys way of promoting healthy eating or this is what the theater community actually eats but I’m thinking this is more of the former.

Carlos arrives at the party with the saddest board game I have ever seen, High School Musical: The Chaosical Interactive Hyperactive High School Musical Experience.

It is a handmade game that he created back when he first fell in love with the movie and he has the cast and crew split up into two teams: East High v West High.

The game has some mini games in it but I’m not going into detail about them.

EJ comes into the party on a video chat with the girl he got sick at theater camp. He gives the phone to Nini so they can catch up and it turns out that the girl is living her best life!

Let’s take a break from the high school party and check in with Miss Jenn.

Earlier in the episode, her and the robotics teacher each had their own plans for Thanksgiving, but they both find themselves roaming the high school at night claiming to be working on their own projects.

The robotics teacher needs help balancing his robot so it doesn’t keep falling over, while Miss Jenn wants to see if she can make Ricky fly on a basketball during the musical.

They help each other out on their projects and it seems like the bad blood between them has officially ceased.

While playing the board game, Ashleigh suggests that they have a giant sleepover. Gina is super excited about that idea since she has never had a sleepover before.

There is a tie between East High and West High and it all comes down to a tie breaker trivia game. Gina and her West High teammates win the trivia game and Gina is awarded a ribbon that she enjoys way too much. She enjoys it so much that she calls her mom and puts it on speaker so everyone can hear her moms reaction to Gina getting a ribbon.

Her mom has some bad news for Gina. They are moving again and it’s happening super soon. She won’t be able to be a part of the musical. Gina leaves the party and we don’t see her again for the rest of the episode.

Right before the episode ends, Nini sings a song about herself not fitting in. The song is played over a montage featuring the other characters. The montage shows Gina packing her belongings, EJ losing Instagram followers and Nini replacing the pictures on her wall.

It also features Ricky calling his mom for the first time. He gets a bit angry when a guy answers the phone instead of her mom saying that he has heard so much about Ricky from his mother. Ricky ends the phone call visibly upset.

The episode ends with Nini applying for a theater school along with the robotics teacher and Miss Jenn passed out on the couch while a few sparks come out of an electrical plug in the shop they were working in.


This was probably my least favorite episode of the series so far.

Nothing really happened in terms of getting the show closer to full production.

We get some character stuff with Gina having to move and Nini applying for a theater school but that’s about it.

The original song was really good as always. This show has been KILLING IT with the original music and is one of the reasons why this show is really good.

There are only a few more episodes left of this season so I’m sure the last couple episodes will be fast moving with a lot of things happening to keep pushing this story forward.


Along with the Thanksgiving episode, Disney+ released a High School Musical Special which featured some behind the scenes looks of the series being created along with some footage that Zac Efron shot while he was filming the original movie.

It was actually really cool to see the new cast exploring the High School on the little scavenger hunt they were put on.

The actors that play Nini and Ricky talked a little bit about what it takes to get their original music accepted for the show and they played a small video which showed their reaction to their first song being accepted.

It does have a small spoiler which showed Lucas Grabiel (Ryan) on set with the new cast which means he will be appearing in an episode of the show at some point this season.

I don’t know what is going to happen with the rest of the season but I’m so excited to see what unfolds before us in the last couple of episodes!

Stay tuned to for more HSMTMTS recaps for each episode!