With seven episodes behind us, things were finally starting to take shape over at East High…that was until the end of the Thanksgiving episode.

If you didn’t watch last weeks episode or read our recap, the episode ended with Miss Jenn and the robotics teacher falling asleep at the school while one of the electrical outlets started to spark.

Episode 9 picks up the morning after Thanksgiving.


So the episode starts at East High where we see the aftermath of the sparking from the previous episode.

Turns out, the sparking caused a fire and did some serious damage to the theater department.

The costumes, props and sets made for the show have been destroyed and they would not be able to be in the theater for at least the next month.

After reviewing all the damage, the cast and crew reconvene in the cafeteria where they try and discuss the next steps they could possibly take. As of right now, no theater, no show.

That was all true until Carlos mentions that his uncle works for a local theater and would be able to rent it out to the high school so the musical could continue. They are all excited for the show to go on but Miss Jenn seems a little awkward when talking about the new theater. There is definitely some history here but what could it be?

While the cast and crew are packing up all the theater pieces that have not been damaged in the fire, EJ comes across a special box that Carlos does NOT want him to carry. This piques EJ’s interest and it turns out that inside the box is a lot of files pertaining to the musical as in prop information, set design and of course audition notes. EJ is now super interested in finding out why he didn’t get the role of Troy.

It turns out that EJ lacks an emotional connection to the material and that is the sole reason why Ricky received the role of Troy. EJ now has a plan in mind to prove to Miss Jenn that she was wrong.

Nini is talking to Courtney about how she applied for the acting school and Courtney is upset that she didn’t know about it sooner.

Big Red and Ashleigh spend a quick scene together while figuring out the behind the scenes stuff and it just keeps reaffirming our belief that this will be a relationship in the near future.

Carlos and EJ are practicing stage blocking and this is the moment where EJ turns on the emotions. Just so happens that it gets super awkward when he is doing his lines which makes him just look super silly.

Ricky and Nini are off alone to practice some scenes together and they start talking about the memories they shared when they grew up together. He admits some mistakes from their childhood, leading up to admitting that he regrets not telling her he loves her back when she confessed her love for him.

To test the sound system in the theater, Courtney volunteers to sing her own rendition of ‘Bop to the Top’ and it shocks everyone with how great of a singer she is. She was so good that it broke the sound system but no one really seems concerned about it.

While walking around the theater, Ashleigh spots Miss Jenn sitting in the seats and this is when we find out why Miss Jenn feels weird being back in the theater.

It turns out, this is the theater where they held the premiere for the first High School Musical movie showing. It is then that she came to the realization that her one line in the movie got cut. She became disruptive in the audience and was removed by security while claiming that she was in the movie. She also demanded to speak with Director Kenny Ortega to talk about her line being cut.

While discussing this traumatic experience, she mentioned that the only original cast member to be friendly to her was Lucas Grabeel (Ryan).

Knowing that this new theater might cause some internal problems with Miss Jenn, Ashleigh lends her some lucky crystals just to help Miss Jenn get through the rest of the time at the theater.

Meanwhile, Nini is still rehearsing with Ricky and she brings up the acting school. Ricky is very much in support of her pursuing acting. They share some looks and are about to kiss but Big Red comes in and interrupts the moment just to ask if they were ok with getting pizza. (They were)

Miss Jenn looks at the lucky crystals while she explores backstage and she gets startled by a mannequin. She falls down and hits her head which prompts a dream sequence.

In the dream sequence, she wakes up to Lucas Grabeel standing over her. Miss Jenn discusses how she felt like she never had her big moment as an actor. Lucas tells her that even though that is in the past, being a teacher for young kids in the theater department is the role of a lifetime. Thus begins a musical sequence titled ‘Role of a Lifetime.’

I really enjoyed the song. I was nervous that it would just be a Ryan song, but I became relieved once Miss Jenn took over. This song really puts emphasis on her embracing the teacher role and being ok with it. I would say this is in my Top 5 for original songs that have been created for the show.

The episode ends with Nini talking to Courtney about how she has the best singing voice in the school which prompts Courtney to call a performing arts school that she could possibly transfer to.


Coming off of what was a disappointing Thanksgiving episode, this episode gave us some forward motion for the musical plot which is what I’m always looking for.

It also included some hints that Ricky and Nini might get back together which I am ALL FOR.

The original song between Lucas and Miss Jenn was really good. Ryan can still rock a fedora and sing very well, and Miss Jenn has some good pipes too.

I believe this is a 12 episode season, so with 3 episodes left, I really do believe that things will start moving. I’m guessing either the 11th or last episode will be the actual performance. If the performance is the 11th episode, the last episode will most likely be about what happens next for the characters. Maybe teasing what the next musical would be. Would they do High School Musical 2 ? I really don’t know but, just like always, I’m super excited to see what happens to these students at East High.

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