In the last recap I made a prediction that we wouldn’t get to the actual production of the musical until the second to last episode.


Episode 9 starts HOT with us put right in the middle of East Highs Production of High School Musical.

Let’s Get To The Recap!


The show is about to begin the second act as we see Troy getting ready to go back on stage, but it isn’t Ricky as Troy…it’s EJ! (GASP)

We are then prompted with a title card that brings us 8 hours before the musical started.

The cast is doing final preparations before getting themselves ready for the show and Ricky wrote a song to perform to Nini which describes the feelings he has for her.

Nini has the same idea. She shows Courtney a dog tag she had made for Ricky. She plays it off as a show gift but there is definitely more feelings behind it.

We get confirmation that Gina has moved away (she wasn’t in last weeks episode) and Courtney will be taking on the role of Taylor. Courtney is obviously nervous since it’s 8 hours before showtime and she has not done any rehearsals for this part and doesn’t know any of the choreography/lines.

We go to Miss Jenn checking out the stage which is now in the High Schools gymnasium.

At the old theater, she recorded a video of some rats fighting and that’s all it took to have the school board change the location to the gym.

Ricky soon joins Miss Jenn in the gym because he has pre-show jitters due to him now knowing that his mom will be in the crowd for the show, and he believes he is the only one.

Nini also joins the pre-jitter club just a few moments later.

Miss Jenn lets them be.

Ricky and Nini go into the hallway and Nini wants to discuss what happened the other day at the old theater. She is about to hand him the dog tag when Ricky plays off the feelings and keeps confirming that they are cool

35 Minutes Before Show

We get yet another little flirting bit between Big Red and Ashleigh. It’s not even flirting anymore, it’s just them complimenting each other’s talents. Ashleigh plays it off as they are just motivating each other but she knows there is more to it.

The cast/crew go around the room sharing quotes from HSM that describe their feelings for the night.

We get treated to a nice small montage of the crew doing final preparations before the show goes on. The song playing behind it is a cover of ‘For a Moment’ from HSM performed by Ricky and Nini.

It was a super sweet and somber song that helped push their feelings for another as during the montage, they kept sharing looks.

Miss Jenn is handing out playbills for the show when Mike (Rickys Dad) shows up. Miss Jenn is happy to see him, that is until Rickys Mom shows up and gives Miss Jenn the belief that they are still together. I guess Miss Jenn doesn’t know everything about it and why would she? I doubt Mike talked about his separation at the bowling alley.

Show Starts!

Right out of the gate, Big Red is having trouble with the sound system. He starts playing the National Anthem by accident and a few people in the crowd stand up confused and puts their hands over their hearts. (I thought that was a funny little thing thrown in)

The Robotics teacher comes in and saves the day. In exchange for his services on the A/V board, Miss Jenn will hand out Robotics Club stickers with the playbills.

Quick EJ update: He has been on his phone each scene he is in. I have an idea on why he is. I think he is talking to Gina trying to get her to fly back for the show. I’m not sure if this is what he’s doing but it’s my theory.

Show starts and it’s going good. It looks SO WEIRD because I’m just used to the movie and seeing the scenes recreated is just weird but I’m sure I’ll move past it.

For Courtneys first scene, she has some hiccups but Nini helps her through it since Courtney is reading her lines as she is on stage from a textbook.

Stick to the Status Quo

Gina has arrived!

She says a friend bought her a last minute plane ticket (super expensive)

Courtney feels somewhat relieved that she is here and asks her to do the dance number for her since Gina knows the choreography.

This is allowed.

Gina steps in and kills it. Sebastian as Sharpay kills it.

Musical number goes off great!

Miss Jenn tells Courtney that she isn’t done with her and wants to see her after Christmas break. (Probably for another musical opportunity)

Gina and Ricky meet backstage for the first time since she left at the Thanksgiving episode. Ricky doesn’t know how to feel because he thought she was gone (she still is, only back for a night). But he believes that he is back on the Nini train (which I am all for).

Right before Ninis next scene, she spots the Dean of her possible acting school in the crowd and that gives Nini a whole rush of new nerves that just added on to the nerves she already had.

Get Your Head in the Game!

It doesn’t seem as flashy now as it did back in the movie but that all changed during Troys solo!

They hooked him up to wires to make it look like he was dunking a basketball! But before he dunks the ball, he spots his moms boyfriend sit next to her and give her a kiss. This messes up everything in Rickys mind but he finishes his lines for the number and leaves the stage.

He goes backstage and tells Carlos what happened. Ricky learns about Ninis nerves because of the Dean.

Ricky goes backstage and finds EJ. He offers EJ the role of Troy because he really wants Nini to get into the acting school and for her to look really good, Ricky wants EJ to be on stage with her.

For a second, it looks like EJ was going to refuse, but it’s EJ, he took that opportunity and that’s how the episode finishes.



What an episode!

Everything that has been building up is coming altogether now and I LOVE IT!

I’m shocked that the show is starting already but knowing that the next episode will probably be the second part of the musical makes sense to me. It is just a two-part episode.

I love that the Moms boyfriend showed up. I was hoping it was going to happen but when the mom showed up with Mike, I started doubting if the new boyfriend would make an appearance.

I’m hoping that Mike talks to Miss Jenn once the show is over and explains the whole situation to clear everything up. Miss Jenn and Mike deserve to be happy.

Ricky sacrificing the role for Nini made me so happy.

For a moment I thought that EJ would go back to his douche ways but he seems to be in it for the right reasons now and is over Nini.

I don’t really care for their performances of the movies musical numbers. Probably because it is a filmed version of a stage performance rather than just a filmed version.

I don’t even mind that I don’t care about them because this show really didn’t put much emphasis on the musical. I know I’ve been wanting this moment to come but now that it’s here, I’m here for the drama instead of the actual numbers and production. It was just something to push the plot with the other characters who I want to root for.

This could change in the next episode but I’m not a fan of EJ as a singer or performer so I don’t see my thoughts changing on this.

We have 3 episodes left. We need to see the finishing parts of the musical, some tying up of relationships and HOPEFULLY some info about what could happen in the next season

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