Ladies and Gentleman, I start this recap with terrible news.

First off, I’ve been calling Ashlyn, Ashleigh for pretty much the entire series. I apologize to Ashlyn for the confusion.


Unlike my thoughts of this first season having 12 episodes, I learned last week that it would only have 10.

Nothing broke my heart more than learning this information.

BUT. This may have been the best episode of the season because of everything that happened. So I’m going to stop wasting time and get right down to business!


The episode starts right where we ended last week. EJ is now in the role of Troy after Ricky handed it to him so that Nini could have a better chance of getting into an acting school.

Ashlyn sees the change and is somewhat in disbelief that EJ is actually going through with this. He confirms what happened and admits that even though he’s been wanting this role since day one, he is still very nervous.

Act Two of the musical is about to begin. Gina has officially taken over the role of Taylor and Carlos has taken over the role of Chad. Big Red is still being helped on the lighting board by the robotics teacher.

Backstage, Gina is talking to Nini about how to be a great actor. Gina lists it as one of her many tricks, along with the disappearing act she will have to do once the show is over since she has to go back to her new home.

Ricky is in the hallway trying to call Nini to tell her about the role change even though he is still in the school. He probably just couldn’t make himself tell her in person because he knew she would convince him to stay as Troy.

Nini takes the stage to sing with Troy but is thrown completely off her groove when she sees it is EJ instead of Troy. She tries to keep going with the show but she isn’t fully into the scene. The scene finishes and she goes backstage.

Ashlyn gets her moment to shine as she sings the original song from one of the earlier episodes. She kills it. Big Red is smiling throughout the whole entire performance. He’s in love.

Ricky is still in the hallway and is greeted by his mom. She is wondering what happened and Ricky tells her that he isn’t happy that she brought her new man, Todd, to the show. She brought him so that they could finally meet. Ricky was thrown off by it because he saw his parents being happy when the show was just beginning so he assumed things were getting better between them, but they were not.

Sebastian takes the stage as Sharpay and after battling some nerves along with a kiss on the cheek by Carlos, he performs ‘Bop to the Top’ and is fantastic.

During that performance, Big Red is on the lighting board and is making it look incredible by pressing random buttons like a video game. The robotics teacher is impressed and recommends that he joins the robotics club. Big Red seems interested.

Time for the big number, Soarin’ or whatever it’s called. First impressions, EJ can’t sing. It’s hard to listen to. Nini has no connection to EJ anymore and she is stalling because she is nervous. She sees Ricky walk in. EJ knows what to do and walks off stage. Nini starts singing the song as she walks to Ricky to persuade him to join her finish the musical. Ricky eventually joins her and they DESTROY the final song. It’s incredible. I got chills when they were performing it together, that’s how good it was.

(In my notes I wrote that it was magic, and I definitely wasn’t crying.)

Gina and EJ are standing to the side watching the performance and it is revealed that EJ bought the plane ticket for Gina because it would’ve been a shame if she missed the show.

During the final number ‘We’re All In This Together’, the cast takes their final bows while performing the song. Before the cast goes off stage, Miss Jenn is given the opportunity to say the line that got cut from the movie (which I thought was a super sweet gesture.)

Some of the cast go up to her and tell her how great it went and how much fun it was, and Miss Jenn tells them to just wait for what she has planned for the spring musical, and she gives a look into the camera. (ONE OF THE BEST MOMENTS OF THE EPISODE)

Backstage, the cast is winding down from the show and they investigate the giant bouquet of flowers that were delivered. Inside the card it says the flowers are for Ashlyn. Ashlyn thanks EJ since she believes they were from him because they are cousins. Big Red reveals that they were in fact from him and FINALLY it is revealed that there are feelings between them!

Ricky finds Nini packing her things up and they have a conversation about what happens now. Ricky really enjoyed being a part of the musical and he doesn’t know what to do now that the whole process is over. Nini recommends Dennys and video games. (I fully endorse both of those)

Nini is trying to put herself in the right mindset so that she wouldn’t be fully disappointed if she doesn’t get into the school. Ricky is still holding in his feelings for Nini. They stare at each other for a little while and then Nini starts to walk out. Before she leaves the room, Ricky tells her that he loves her. (I KNOW!)

Ricky mentions a lot of past memories between them that just keep reminding him about his feelings for her and how much he loves her. Nini looks like she is on the verge of crying happy tears.

Not from this episode.

Ricky never wants to lose the way he feels about her and he wants them to get back together. AND THEN THEY KISS! About damn time. Nini and Ricky are back together and all is right with the world.

It’s announced that there is a cast party at Ashlyns house and Gina is invited. Gina declines the offer since her flight is very soon. Ashlyn offers to let her stay in their guest house for however long she needs to which gives Ashlyn an idea. (We never learn what the idea is, but I assume it’s Gina living with her so she can continue attending East High.)

The board member who wanted to take away Miss Jenns job confronts Miss Jenn and the robotics teacher about the fire and he has found out that it was them two that started the fire. (We do not know about the consequences)

The episode ends with the lady from the acting school going up to Nini telling her that she has been accepted into the school and it starts next month.

During the credits, we see Big Red tap dancing. Ashlyn walks in with her flowers and compliments him on his skills. They end up kissing. (About Time)



That was an INCREDIBLE season finale. Literally all of my wishes came true.

-EJ ends up not finishing the show as Troy

-Ricky and Nini get back together

-Big Red and Ashlyn finally get together

-Nini gets accepted into the school

They wrapped up a lot of storylines in this episode along with setting up storylines for the next season.

So we know there will be a season 2. It comes out in late 2020. But since this show is called High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, will it be HSM 2? If they do another musical, do they have to change the name of the show? Will the show name make any sense if they don’t change it?

Also not from this episode

DOES NINI GO TO THE SCHOOL? Here’s my thoughts on that. I want her to because it is an interesting dynamic having her separated from everyone. I don’t think she would last that long because she would miss everyone and voluntarily go back to East High.

Or they can do the Boy Meets World route where Topanga turned down Yale to go to the community college with Corey. I don’t know what is going to happen but I’m super excited to find out.

Will Miss Jenn and the robotics teacher get fired?

Probably not. I can’t see that happening. They can’t fire two of their staff. I mean they can, but for the sake of the show, they won’t.

I’m very interested in EJ all of a sudden. Now that he is off his high of being an Instagram-er and being so full of himself, where does he go now? Does he continue the path that he is on of realizing that he isn’t the greatest person on the planet?

If the lead will always go to either Ricky or EJ, I can see that relationship being more of a friendship which would be awesome to see. It’s really interesting to think about what could happen with that dynamic.

Once again, different episode

ALL of these questions I have should be answered in season 2.

When this show first started, I knew I was going to enjoy it, but I never thought I would love it or be as obsessed with it as I do right now. This show was incredible and was just something I never knew I needed.

So until next season, or whenever we get more HSMTMTS news, thank you for reading the recaps! These will continue with any HSMTMTS content that gets released!