Due to the quarantine and the unfortunate times we are living through due to COVID-19, a lot of people around the world have taken to our favorite types of entertainment to cheer us up.

While Animal Crossing: New Horizons has taken up 90% of my day, I have been filling in some time watching some movies that I have never seen before.

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This week it is movies available on Disney+.

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Back in the day when Disney was not losing $30 million dollars per day, they released animated movies that included members of the main Disney crew (Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Donald, Daisy and Goofy).

Last week, you may have seen that it was the 25th anniversary of the ‘hit’ movie, A Goofy Movie. People poured onto social media to talk about how much they loved the movie, how they wish Powerline was a real band, and how incredible this movie was.

As a Disney fan, I will admit that I had never seen this movie. I was 9 months old when it released in theaters on April 7, 1995. Thanks to Disney+, I decided to sit down and watch this movie to see if it was worth all of the hype that I saw on social media. Here are my thoughts.


Max (Goofy’s son) is in high school and isn’t the most popular kid. He wants to have this girl, Roxanne, notice him since he has a crush on her. Max interrupted a school assembly as he went on stage dressed as Powerline and performed some dance moves. His fancy dance moves and lip syncing skills caught the attention of Roxanne, but it also got him in trouble with the principal.

Switch over to Goofy who is working as a family photographer. He is talking to his boss, Pete, about his son. Goofy wants to take Max on a fishing trip that has been taken many times by Goofy and his family before him.

Roxanne talks to Max and they plan on going to a party together where everyone would be watching the Powerline concert on Pay Per View. This sounds great, except the fact that Max cannot go to the party due to Goofys plan of going on the fishing trip. In order to cover up for this embarrassing trip, Max tells Roxanne that Goofy is taking him to Los Angeles so he can perform on stage with Powerline.


First of all, I did not know this movie was going to be a musical.

I knew about Powerline because people apparently wish that this band was real and you can buy a Powerline Tour concert tee at Target. I did not know that Goofy and Max would be singing tunes.

The songs they sing are pretty enjoyable!

I would definitely listen to the soundtrack a few times and who knew Goofy had such a good singing voice?

Second. I don’t think this movie is underrated.

A Goofy Movie was released in 1995.

Other Disney movies that released within that Disney era?

The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Lion King, Pocahontas, Toy Story, Hunchback of Notre Dame

It was released in a legendary window for Disney films. Of course it got overlooked when you see the other hits that Disney was releasing. While A Goofy Movie was Good, the movies I mentioned above were Legendary. This movie will not hold its own against The Lion King or Toy Story. It is not in that wing of the Disney Animated Movie Hall of Fame and it never will be.

Max dressed up as Powerline as he tries to impress his crush Roxanne.

I say this because this movie is average.

The plot isn’t that exciting. It is pretty basic and yes it is a kids movie so I’m not going to knock it for being super simple. I will give this movie credit for the back and forth relationship between Goofy and Max.

Goofy is a loving single father. Max is a high school boy who wants a girl to like him. As someone who has been in Max’ shoes, I would have been embarrassed by my father as well. Their relationship grows over the course of the film with both of them growing and understanding where the other person is coming from.

Max is realizing that Goofy loves him and wants to carry on family traditions. Goofy isn’t doing this to ruin Max’ life, he is doing it to get closer to him and spend quality time together.

Goofy is realizing that his son is growing up. Goofy isn’t the only person in his sons’ life anymore. Max needs to grow and experience new things without having Goofy be overprotective and intrusive on his sons life.

Thankfully at the end of the movie, they both enjoy each others company even though the road to get there had a few bumps.

Final Score

With this movie being claimed underrated, reading people on Twitter talk about how amazing it is, and have seen more Powerline merchandise being worn in the Disney Parks, my time with A Goofy Movie was an enjoyable one.

While there weren’t any laugh out loud moments, or moments that really got to me, the relationship between Max and Goofy along with the few songs scattered throughout, A Goofy Movie was a fine movie that I would probably designate as a cult classic.

A Goofy Movie was…


If you plan on watching A Goofy Movie on Disney+, or would like to know some behind the scenes facts about the film, go check out Kevin Lima on Twitter. He was the director of A Goofy Movie and he tweeted out some fun facts about the film!

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