It is officially Day 2 of reviewing movies that I have never seen before.

Yesterday, I reviewed A Goofy Movie which I gave a solid EH.

Today I take on another Disney classic, one that has more notoriety than the previous film.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame came out in June of 1996 and while it isn’t celebrated as one that could be in the aforementioned Disney Animated Movie Hall of Fame (in my eyes), it is definitely closer to the top half of the legendary list.


Here is my unofficial summary of The Hunchback of Notre Dame!

This movie is about Quasimodo, who is deformed. His mother was trying to escape Paris with her baby but the Minister of Justice, Frollo, believes she is stealing. He tries to rip the baby from her arms and then kills the mother. When he grabs the baby, he sees that the it is deformed. He proceeds to go to the well and attempt to drop the baby to get rid of it. The Archdeacon of the church comes out to stop Frollo. He says that in order to have a clear conscience, he must raise the child. He agrees and makes him live in the bells of Notre Dame.

He is all grown up and he is not able to leave the bell tower. He has been trapped there and he is not able to explore the city that he has lived in for his entire life. After escaping the bell tower to enjoy the festival, he is crowned King of Fools. He starts getting humiliated by the crowd until a gypsy named Esmeralda frees him.

Frollo wants to capture Esmeralda but she stays in the church where Frollo cannot take her. In order to be protected, she must stay in the church. Them two along with one of Frollo’s guards, Phoebus, who is attracted to Esmeralda, team up to take down Frollo as well as help Quasimodo be seen as a hero instead of a monster.


When my girlfriend gasped as I told her I have never seen this movie, she proceeded to play her favorite song of the film, ‘Out There.’

As I listened to the soundtrack of the movie, I didn’t really fall in love with much of the music. Yes, Out There is a classic and is featured in Disney’s Nighttime Fireworks Display, Happily Ever After, I wouldn’t say that it is my favorite.

My favorite song of the film is definitely ‘A Guy Like You.’

Featuring the voices of Jason Alexander and others, this song is about how Quasimodo is a one of a kind guy. This is the song you play before you go on a date to help give you confidence. (We all need those types of songs!)

In terms of the movie itself, I really enjoyed the story being told.

It was about an outsider (Quasimodo), a gypsy that isn’t seen in a good light by the government (Esmeralda) and one of the antagonists guards (Phoebus) teaming up to take down the ruler of the city they live in.

Besides the musical numbers, the ending of the movie is very entertaining as they are able to defend themselves as well as Notre Dame. Seeing Quasimodo be celebrated as a hero made my heart very happy.

One other part of the movie that really took me by surprise was how well it looked on Disney+. It wasn’t formatted in 4K but it looked amazing on my television. I was really taken aback by the visuals and how smooth everything looked. That is definitely something I’ll be keeping an eye on as I watch older animated movies going forward.

Final Score

This is one of many films where I wasn’t fully in love with it, but it did keep me entertained throughout the entire viewing. The musical numbers, fascinating story as well as the relationships between all of the characters help make this movie land on the positive side of the GoodBadEh scale.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame was…


If the live action movie starring Josh Gad ever happens, I would definitely be a stan of it from the start. I don’t think it will bring in the large box office numbers like Beauty and the Beast or The Lion King, but it will definitely be a fun movie to see remade. (Especially if they have Jason Alexander return)

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