Happy Wednesday Everybody!

We are officially half-way through the week and that means it is time for another movie review!

The first two movies, A Goofy Movie as well as The Hunchback of Notre Dame, were both Disney animated movies that slipped under my radar. For today and the rest of the week, the movies reviewed will be of the live-action variety.

The third movie I watched this week was Tron: Legacy.

For some reason I have never seen this movie. It is right up my alley!

Futuristic, sci-fi movie based in a video game world. That is everything I’m about!

I was super excited to finally watch this movie and I was not disappointed!


Kevin Flynn wanted to bring the world into the digital frontier. As the head of Encom, he had the technology and was surrounded by the brain power to make it happen. He wanted to create the perfect computer system that could help resolve mysteries in the real world.

One day he visited his son Sam, who lives with his grandparents, and tells him that he will bring him to the arcade the following day. That never happens because the next day, Kevin goes missing.

Fast forward 20 years.

ENCOM is being lead by someone who is greedy and doesn’t care about the company’s userbase. Sam is the primary shareholder and does a prank to release their newest software for free.

Sam escapes from Encom Tower, in a very Batman fashion. He is soon arrested and released on bail by Alan, his fathers friend and an ENCOM executive. He talks to Sam about his prank, as well as a page that he received from Kevin.

Sam goes to the Flynn arcade that his father owns. He discovers a secret door behind the Tron arcade cabinet that leads him to a secret office. Sam gets into the computer and after pressing a few buttons, he accidentally is brought into the digital world.

Once inside the digital world, Sam competes in ‘The Games’ where soon after, it is revealed that a young version of Kevin is in control of the digital world. But we learn later on, that it isn’t actually Kevin, it is Clu.

Sam gets saved by Quorra, who is an apprentice of Kevin, and is brought to see his father. Sam, Kevin and Quorra must team up to take down Clu and make Kevin’s digital world the place it is supposed to be.


Throughout the film, there were several thoughts that popped inside of my head.

  • This movie has one of the coolest Disney intros!
  • ENCOM reminds me of Apple. When somebody asks what is the difference between the newest software compared to the previous software they released, the CEO of ENCOM says, “This year, we put a 12 on the box.”
  • Kevin’s face in the beginning of the movie was super CGI and was terrible de-aging software. Later in the movie, it came to my mind that it was Clu that traveled to the real world to get Sam to enter the digital landscape.
  • Sam Flynn could definitely be Batman. No parents, major shareholder in a large corporation, jumped off the top of a building and glided away. He is Batman
  • Seeing the arcade cabinets in Flynn’s Arcade reminded me that I want the Fix-It Felix Arcade cabinet from Wreck-It Ralph.
  • The environment is SUPER COOL! I totally wish I could live in that world when Kevin Flynn was in control and not Clu. Great design on the environment and all the props used in the film.
  • Tron cycle racing looks like so much fun but also looks super dangerous. I can’t wait to try out the ride when it comes to Disney World.
  • While you could tell that the plot of the movie was to take down Clu once you realized he was the bad guy, the full idea isn’t really spoken into existence until an hour in.
  • Besides ‘The Games’ scene where they were throwing their disks, the action scenes weren’t all that creative.

Final Score

I went into this movie excited to watch it. I have never seen the original movie that this is a sequel to. After watching this movie, I think I will have to watch the original because I really enjoyed this movie.

The plot of the movie was good. I wouldn’t say I was emotionally attached to the characters by the end of the movie. This was a fun movie that was entertaining and that’s all I can ask from a film.

One giant reason as to why I enjoyed it so much was the environment that the movie was set in. Whether it was the real world or the digital world, I loved the design of the environments and like I said earlier, I would LOVE to live in this world.

I don’t know why it took me so long to watch it considering it came out 10 years ago, but I’m glad that I finally got around to it.

Tron: Legacy was…


This is a fun movie with light action sequences that makes you wonder what our future could possibly look like: Blue/Orange accents on everything and skin tight blue spandex with super cool padding all over you.

I wish my next car could be a Tron cycle, but I would definitely wear a helmet because those things go super fast and I want to feel safe while driving one!

Let’s hope that the Tron LightCycle Run in Magic Kingdom gives us the same rush as it looks like in the movie. We can also hope for a potential sequel in the future!

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