The first week of Quarantine Movie Reviews has officially arrived.

This week, I watched 5 movies that I have never seen before. Some were chosen based on social media (A Goofy Movie), my girlfriends choice (The Hunchback of Notre Dame), something that I’ve been meaning to watch (Tron: Legacy), and a movie that was made for Disney+ (Timmy Failure).

Today’s movie follows the same route as yesterday, this is also an original Disney+ movie.

Stargirl is based off of the book of the same name which was written by Jerry Spinelli.

The first trailer for the movie was shown at the Disney+ panel at D23 Expo last year (which I was at btw. No flex).


Stargirl is about a boy named Leo and finding who he is thanks to a mysterious girl.

At a young age, Leo lost his father. His father was notorious for wearing ties, so Leo continued that as a way to feel closer to his father.

Him and his mother move to a new town to start their new lives. On the first day of school, to defeat the feeling of fear, Leo wears his dads porcupine tie. Before walking into the school, Leo has a bad first experience as he is pushed to the ground by a student and his tie is cut off with scissors.

Not a great first memory for this brand new school.

Fast forward to his Junior or Senior year of high school where he has his small group of friends and plays trumpet in the marching band.

On Leo’s birthday, a new student, Stargirl, comes to the school. Leo and his friends can’t stop talking about her in the cafeteria. Suddenly she appears behind him with her ukulele and sings Happy Birthday to Leo. She has never met Leo and Leo has not given any evidence that it was his birthday.

Leo’s friends, mainly Kevin, want him to talk to Stargirl to have her be on Kevin’s talk show, Hot Seat. (It’s the show with hot questions and even hotter wings. Hot Ones anybody?)

After school one day, Leo follows Stargirl home in a non-creepy way. She is putting quarters in the meters on the street. She also buys a bike that will come into play later in the story.

The B Plot is announced which is a Speech Competition. It starts at the school level and the winner will go to Tucson to compete on a larger stage. Kevin has won the schools competition the past two years but has never brought the larger trophy home.

Over the course of the movie, you see the connection between Leo and Stargirl as their relationship starts to form as well as the change Stargirl has on him, as well as her surroundings.

Thoughts (Spoilers Within)

  • She put money in car meters. That was the first sign that I knew she was special. Nobody just puts quarters into meters, unless it is where they are parked.
  • His mom doesn’t have a lot of screen time in this movie, BUT, there is a scene where she is drinking wine with her dinner and I’m ALL FOR THAT!
  • I really enjoyed Stargirl’s performances at the football games! Especially after the first one, where she is more accepted into the cheerleader group and gets a costume. The cheerleaders from there on have choreographed their dances to fit whatever song Stargirl was performing.
  • When Leo went to her house, he saw and stole a rock that was colored by her from her front lawn. It was super cool that she did that and they looked super cute!
  • One of my favorite scenes is when they go on a walk together and Stargirl wants Leo to experience more by telling him to take off your shoes, close your eyes and asking questions llke, “Have you ever done nothing?”
  • Seeing Leo just be so happy and be himself around her is so nice to see! They connect really well and Stargirl is really helping Leo grow as a person.
  • Like I knew that at some point there would be some bad thing to happen between them but I felt hurt when it happened to them.
  • The hate she got at the end of the Championship game was undeserved. Don’t blame her. Blame the defense.
  • I was also super upset when in order to stop the hate, Leo told Stargirl to try and fit in more. That is not what you tell someone! Leo deserved the cold shoulder.
  • What hurt my heart more is when Stargirl turned into Susan. It was so disheartening to see her change herself to fit the norms just because Leo said it might help. DON’T CHANGE YOURSELF FOR ANYONE! You heard it here first!
  • Her speech in Tucson hit me in the feels. Listen to that speech and every word she says.
  • Even though I knew it was going to happen, I was still upset to see that she vanished after the WinterBall Dance.
  • The movie was filmed in Albuquerque, New Mexico as well as Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. WHAT A COOL TOWN NAME, WHAT THE HECK!

Final Score

When the first trailer for Stargirl was shown during the Disney+ panel at 2019 D23, I was like ‘oh this looks like a cute movie, not for me though.’ The trailer opened up with her singing ‘Be True to Your School’ during the championship game. It was her singing that got me a little bit interested in this movie, but still wasn’t that hyped for it.

I didn’t have any expectations going into this movie. I never read the book. The only person in the movie who I slightly heard of was Grace VanderWaal due to her winning America’s Got Talent.

The movie first got me hooked right when it began. It started with a voiceover by Leo about how he got to the present time in the movie. From there, I had a connection with Leo and was ready for the journey that was ahead of me.

Thanks to Quarantine Movie Reviews, I was able to give this movie a viewing and I’m so glad I did because I thought it was a cute movie about young love and ultimately finding yourself during high school, which is always a tough thing to figure out.

Stargirl was…


I recommend this movie to everyone. It is a sweet movie about two teenagers going through life together and ultimately, Stargirl making an impact on her surroundings because she wasn’t afraid to be herself. Definitely add this to your watchlist the next time you log into Disney+.

Week One of Quarantine Movie Review has ended. What will I be watching next week? You’ll find that out on Monday when Week Two begins! Until then, don’t forget to check out the other reviews on the website, and stay tuned to GoodBadEh on Twitter for more updates!

Enjoy your weekend!

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