Last year when I started GoodBadEh, I primarily focused on video games, transitioned into movies, and even talked about music (mostly our Taylor Swift in Review series), today, we step foot into a whole new genre, BOARD GAMES!

While I was writing for my last website, I had the opportunity to interview Jeopardy Champion, Ken Jennings, and Legendary Game Designer, Richard Garfield, about their joint project that was launching on Kickstarter called Half Truth.

The Kickstarter was SUCCESSFUL, and the game officially launched earlier this month in retail stores. I was lucky enough to receive a copy shortly before the public release but unlucky to have nobody to play the game with…until now.

Half Truth is a trivia game from Studio71 Games along with Nighthawk Games that will challenge you on your trivia knowledge through questions from a variety of topics!

While I am not the biggest board game fan, I always love testing my knowledge as well as learn new fun facts about random topics. Half Truth was the perfect game for me.


I was very excited to start playing this board game to really find out how much random trivia I know.

When I first opened the box, and took out all the pieces, I didn’t immediately know how this game was supposed to work. I’m a person that wouldn’t usually look at the instructions to learn how to play a game, but with board games and this one in general, with how unique it is, the directions MUST be read.

Put in the time and read the directions for this game.

It is pretty simple to understand once you figure everything out, but it did take me a couple of minutes to truly grasp what I was supposed to do in order to play the game correctly.


To give a quick demo on how the game works:

You and your party choose a color pawn, and you receive your answer disks that correspond with your color. Once you have the board set up with the Round One crown on top, you grab a deck of question cards. The question cards are not categorized, they are all shuffled at random (which I really like).

You roll the die and the number it lands on will be the number of spaces you move if you get the question correct.

You read the card on top of the deck and there are 6 options below it. Three are correct, and three are incorrect. You then look at your answer disks that each have a letter corresponding with the answers on the card (A,B,C,D,E and F).

One thing that I disliked about this part of the game is that the Question Cards don’t have the letters on them. Yes, it’s not really that big of a deal to just count out which answer corresponds to which letter, but due to the answer disks already having letters on them, it would just make more sense if the cards had the letters as well.

Let’s say you don’t feel confident to choose every single correct answer…that’s totally ok! You can chose 1-3 answers.

  • If you choose 1 answer and you get it correct, you move the total amount of spaces that are on the dice.
  • If you guess 2 and you get both answers correct, you move the spaces and you also get a Victory Point.
  • If you get 3 our of 3 answers correct, you get 2 Victory Points as well as the spaces.
  • BUT, if any of your answers are wrong, you do not move any spaces. Your answers need to be ALL CORRECT in order to make progress in the game. It sounds annoying, but it definitely makes you strategize your moves when you get later in the game.

On the die, there are two special rolls you could land on. The first one is a +1, if you land on this side of the die, you will receive double Victory Points! So take that into consideration when you are answering the question. Maybe it will make you take a risk and guess 2 answers instead of 1 so you can get that extra Value Point! You will still only move the 1 spot on the board if you are correct.

The second special roll you could possibly land on is the ยก2! side! If you land on this side, instead of finding the correct answers for the question, your task is to now find the WRONG answers. Being successful will grant you the 2 spaces your pawn can move!

The round ends when one player reaches the end of the crown that sits atop the game board.

When the round is complete, the level your color pawn is on the game board is the amount of Victory Points you receive. If you are at the end of the board, you will receive 7 extra Value Points, then the points change based on your location.

There are 3 rounds to the game, whoever has the most Value Points at the end of the game is the winner!

The box predicted that each game should take around 30-45 minutes. I can attest to that due to my complete game coming in around 40 minutes.


The biggest aspect of this game is obviously the Questions.

The questions can vary. You can have one question about the Opera, transition to a question about the 1919 Chicago White Sox, and end thinking about what different materials George Washington’s teeth were made of.

The variety of questions that you will come across is spectacular. There are questions that everybody will have insight on. When I was playing, my girlfriend knew the question about the Opera, which I knew nothing about. While I knew the question about the 1919 Chicago White Sox and she doesn’t know about sports to that extent.

There are 500 total questions that you will come across and it will take you a LONG time to answer every single one!

There was one question that I came across that I had a problem with.

The Question was…

“Stars who played themselves in a feature film.”

The choices were: Joaquin Phoenix, Drew Barrymore, Neil Patrick Harris, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Russell Crow and William Shatner.

The names that were bold are the correct answers. BUT, there was a movie where Drew Barrymore played herself:

(Spoiler Alert: He gets his date with Drew Barrymore)

(Ok…it might not be a feature film when compared to bigger movies out there, but technically I’m not wrong.)

Final Score

Half Truth is the only board game that I have in my house.

Like I said earlier, I am not a big board game player. I prefer my games be of the video variety, but this game makes me want to play more.

Not only does it bring out the competitive side of my girlfriend and I, but it also gives me more knowledge about random topics that will definitely impress at a dinner or next time you are at trivia night.

My only problems with the game is that the answers weren’t labelled on the card and it could be a little hard to understand in the beginning, but that goes away once you start playing the game and running into the various situations. Other than that, this game can easily be in your family’s Game Night rotation for years to come.

Half Truth was…


Did you know that George Washington’s teeth were NOT made of Pinewood?

I always heard he had wooden teeth but I guess Pinewood wasn’t the correct type of wood.

These are the revelations you will have when you play Half Truth!

Half Truth is AVAILABLE NOW at Target, Walmart, Amazon and wherever you would find board games!

This game was sent to me for Review.