We are unfortunately on the third episode of the brand new late night talk show, which means we have to wait until whenever HBO Max releases the next episode to enjoy the company of Elmo and friends. But don’t you worry! Elmo had a strong lineup on this third episode!

On the first episode, Elmo welcomed Jimmy Fallon and Kacey Musgraves. You can read the recap right HERE!

On the second episode, Elmo had The Jonas Brothers on the show! You can read that recap HERE!

The guests for Elmo’s third show were John Mulaney and Lil Nas X!

John Mulaney and Lil Nas X

The show starts like every show has, Elmo is in his kitchen with his parents. Elmo excuses himself from the kitchen so he can go host his talk show.

Elmo starts his monologue with a joke!

Elmo: “Knock Knock”

Cookie Monster: “Who’s there?”

Elmo: “Tank”

Cookie Monster: “Tank Who?”

Elmo: “You’re Welcome!”

While the joke is so simple, it is still so funny!

Bert is in the control room and is surprised that the show is going so well. That is until Ernie walks through with a herd of sheep because he is giving a studio tour. The sheep like to go “bahhhhhk stage.” Clever joke from Ernie here. Much appreciated.

Cookie Monster sits on the couch for the first time and talks about what he is thankful for, one of those things being Goodie Bags, you know, the things you get from birthday parties. This prompts a brand new segment, Goodie Bag Hall of Fame!

They first take a look at a goodie bag from Bert’s birthday party. Inside was a container of oatmeal. The second goodie bag is from a sheep and it consisted of a ball of yarn. How these two goodie bags landed in the Hall of Fame are besides me.

In the middle of the segment, Ernie walks through with the sheep as he is still leading the studio tour. Elmo tells Ernie that he is interrupting the show, but Ernie says that they don’t mind, so that solves that!

John Mulaney walks out on the stage and sits on the couch. Elmo once again hits his guests with the hardest question:

Would you rather taste a lemon while hopping on one foot, or do a cartwheel while saying the alphabet?

John Mulaney states that he does not know the alphabet so he chooses to hop on one foot while eating a lemon. He performs this act tremendously. Mulaney tells Elmo and Cookie Monster that the lemon was sour, and yet Cookie Monster still takes the plate of lemons and eats them all! Silly Cookie Monster.

It’s time to bring back the random game button which was first featured in The Jonas Brothers episode. This time it lands on a Tricycle Race!

John and Elmo put their helmets on and go backstage to start the highly anticipated race.

Elmo takes a strong lead to begin the race, but John takes the lead as they head into the first turn. After the turn, it is a tight race, but Elmo eventually takes the lead and runs with it as he wins the tricycle race. John being a good sport congratulates Elmo on his victory!

Elmo lets Mulaney take home the tricycle as a gift for being on the show.

It is Lil Nas X time!

Elmo asks Lil Nas X if he was having a good or bad day. Lil Nas X tells Elmo that since they are together, it has been a pretty great day.


Lil Nas X performs Elmo’s Song and IT SLAPS! The addition of auto tune makes this song trendy and I can’t wait to see the Tiktok dances to it if they ever release the audio.

As a gift for being on the show, Elmo presents Lil Nas X with a clay horse, probably because of his song ‘Old Town Road’.

Tonights sponsor is HUGS! Cookie Monsters mom comes on the stage and tells her son that she loves him and is thankful for him. They share a hug, and then Elmo joins them for a group hug!

Elmo sings his usual Goodnight song where he thanks Cookie Monster, his mom and of course me (you)!

Don’t you forget. Elmo loves you, and you are special!


First off, that knock knock joke was a great way to start the show.

If I went to one of those birthday parties and got those goodie bags, I would be very VERY upset. I don’t want oatmeal or yarn after a birthday party.

John Mulaney proves yet again that he is a perfect human being.

I thought Lil Nas X was a weird choice but then I remembered videos of him performing Old Town Road at elementary schools and now it all makes sense.

While it is sad that I have to wait for more episodes to be released, this show is off to a strong start and I can’t wait to see what Elmo has in store for us!

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