HBO Max launched last night and it graced us with THREE episodes of the new and hottest late night talk show, Not Too Late Show with Elmo.

On the first episode, Elmo welcomed guests Jimmy Fallon and Kacey Musgraves to the show. You can find the recap and my review on that here.

For the second episode, Elmo welcomed The Jonas Brothers!

The Jonas Brothers

Elmo walks out onto the stage and tells the crowd that he has learned a magic trick. His magic trick is that he can make a crayon box float!

But it turns out it was all a trick! The crayon box was being lifted by a fishing pole held by Rosita. Rosita loses control of the fishing hook and it ends up trashing a part of the set behind Elmo’s desk. But don’t you worry! Abby Cadabby knows real magic so she comes in and fixes it real quick!

In the control room, we have Bert and Ernie running the show. Some of the camera angles are off so as one show producer does, they press random buttons until it is fixed. The one downside of pressing random buttons, they accidentally make the band fast forward and play very quickly. Ernie then presses random buttons to fix the situation as the band is confused on how they just performed faster than they ever had before.

Elmo goes behind is desk and is ready for The Jonas Brothers.

Joe, Nick and Kevin all take a seat on the couch and Elmo hits them immediately with the hard question of: Can you make a goofy face?

Brothers Jonas speak quickly about their competitive past with each other, but it turns out they are more supportive of each other now which is nice.

The infamous random game button makes its first appearance and it has Elmo along with The Jonas Brothers playing a game of Silly Freeze Dance.

In Silly Freeze Dance, Elmo and Brothers Jonas will do a silly dance until the music stops, the person to not freeze immediately will be eliminated.

The Eliminations went as followed: Kevin, Elmo, and then Joe. Nick is crowned the winner of the first annual Silly Freeze Dance.

We cut back to the control room where we see Bert and Ernie still on the control board, and it is acting up again. The piano on the set is making dog noises, Elmo sounds like a cow and Cookie Monster sounds like a cat. The show cannot go on if this issue isn’t fixed!

Ernie comes to the rescue yet again by pressing random buttons which somehow fixes all of the issues, but it does cause Bert to start floating away! Don’t you fear though, Ernie has a strong grip on him so he can bring him down.

It is snack time for Cookie Monster as Craft Services bring him a REALLY big sandwich! He devours it in seconds, but many of the ingredients land all over the studio! He really is a messy eater!

It is time for The Jonas Brothers to perform, and instead of singing one of their hit songs, they perform a song about brushing your teeth, and let me tell you…IT SLAPS.

That song was amazing and it needs to be on Apple Music because I was dancing the entire song. During the song, Elmo was brushing his teeth because it was almost his bed time.

Once the amazing song ended, Elmo gave them all toothbrushes based on their favorite color.

Late night shows don’t make money out of nowhere, they need corporate sponsors, so this episode was sponsored by Toothbrush and Toothpaste! It is a great combo to keep your teeth healthy, clean and delicious.

Elmo takes a closer look and sees that Cookie Monsters toothpaste is actually cookie dough. Makes sense!

Let’s take one more look at the control room before we end the show.

Abby uses her magic once again to solve all of the control rooms problems, but it doesn’t make everything go back to normal, Ernie and a chicken have switched voices! That can’t be good.

Elmo comes back to the stage in his pajamas as he sings his end of show song where he thanks Cookie Monster and me. His end of show songs usually just recap the events that occurred.


While l was not surprised that The Jonas Brothers performed a song that wasn’t theirs, I’m happy they didn’t because the toothbrush song was my favorite part of the episode.

One thing that I really like about this show is how we see what our other favorite Sesame Street characters are doing during the show as well. It reminds me of The Muppets on ABC. But that show had more behind the scenes action instead of actual talk show moments.

I have not seen any other original HBO Max content as of this writing, but I’m so glad this show is enjoyable, fun and a breathe of fresh air. This is a feel good show that everyone should watch to make them smile. This might be the best late night show on TV.

The first three episodes of Not Too Late Show are available NOW on HBO Max. For more reviews of this show and more, follow GoodBadEh here on WordPress as well as Twitter!