With HBO Max being the newest member of the streaming services, it means that there is a lot of brand new content to be viewed.

One of the most anticipated shows on HBO Max (for me) is the Not Too Late Show with Elmo!

When HBO Max went live at 3 AM EST, it brought along the first 3 episodes of the show which I quickly watched.

The basis for the show is that Elmo hosts a talk show before he goes to bed. The set for the talk show just happens to be connected to his kitchen. Each episode opens up with Elmo in the kitchen with his parents. Elmo will quickly change into his suit as he knows the show is about to begin.

Each show features a celebrity and a musical guest. One exception so far is for the second episode which I will get to in the next review.

Elmo is the host of the show. He is accompanied by Cookie Monster as his side kick. His band I believe is called The Monsters. Running the show behind the scenes is Bert and Ernie as the directors, Rosita as the stage manager, Abby Cadabby as a writer, along with a bunch of other Sesame Street friends!

Each episode runs about 15 minutes long which is a perfect time amount since Elmo has to get to bed early!

Jimmy Fallon and Kacey Musgraves

My first thought when the episode started was how cute and wholesome the whole show idea is. Elmo could do and say anything and I would find it adorable.

The show is obviously going for the kids demographic but I was cracking up and having the best time. It was either because I was really enjoying it, or because it was 3:30 AM when I first started watching the episodes.

Since it was the first show, Ernie and Rosita in the control booth did not know what was going on…which is totally fine! They ended up figuring everything out by the end of the episode.

Elmo’s monologue consists of a joke, they cut to the band, and he immediately introduces Jimmy Fallon as his first guest. They cut right to the chase. Cutting all the uninteresting parts of a talk show. Not Too Late Show is REVOLUTIONARY!

As you can probably guess, Jimmy Fallon was Jimmy Fallon. Over the top. Going extra for every bit. Usually I would get annoyed by it but since this is a kids show, it made sense and I applaud Jimmy for going above and beyond for the audience.

Since this is Elmo’s first show, he asks Jimmy for pointers. Jimmy brings up the idea of asking questions since it is a talk show after all. Elmo takes the advice and he asks Jimmy what’s the highest number he could count to? Jimmy brings up that he counts before he goes to sleep. Jimmy starts counting and falls asleep after he counts to 3.

The second question brings Jimmy to make a difficult choice, would he rather eat yummy yummy hot chili, or have an ice cube go down your back. Jimmy opts for the ice cube and does a silly dance as he puts the ice cube down his back. This brings up Elmo’s next question, what is Jimmy’s favorite dance. Jimmy starts to floss and it is as terrible as it sounds.

Jimmy notices the notes on Elmo’s desk and holds them up. There are no words, just scribbles and Elmo defends that by saying that he can’t read. This prompts Jimmy to look at the cue cards that are held by the cameras and they are just pictures of what Elmo should be doing, whether its talking to Jimmy, or telling a joke during the monologue.

The segment with Jimmy Fallon ends by them having a staring contest. Jimmy makes a fair point in saying that Elmo will probably win since he doesn’t have eye lids. Keen observation there by Mr. Fallon. He was correct. Elmo does win the staring contest.

Jimmy Fallon exits the show. Elmo is close to his bedtime but he has time for Kacey Musgraves to come out and sing ‘Rubber Ducky.’

After the performance, Elmo bickers with Rosita about having the wrong pictures of Kacey but Kacey says that it is all ok. She gives Elmo a friendship bracelet that has his name written on it. Once Kacey leaves the stage, Elmo announces that it is bed time.

It is time for Oscar the Grouch’s segment, Trash Talk, where he yells at the crowd. The segment is unfortunately cut off due to there being no more time left in the show. This could possibly be a Kimmel/Damon feud in the making.

Elmo comes back onto the stage in his pajamas as he sings to the crowd thanking his crew, the guests and especially me (or whoever is watching the episode.)


This show is SUPER CUTE. Yes it is made for children but if you really enjoy having fun and laughing, you should definitely check out Not Too Late Show with Elmo.

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