If you told me in November that the next show after HSMTMTS I would do a weekly recap of would be an Elmo talk show, I would’ve been so excited to find out Elmo would be getting a talk show!

With HBO Max launching with three episodes of the Not Too Late Show last week, it was pure AGONY not only waiting for the next episode to be released, but to find out when HBO Max would release new episodes! I feel that each streaming service has a different release date and now we officially know that HBO Max drops new episodes of their original shows on Thursdays.

On the fourth episode of the Not Too Late Show, Elmo welcomed The Caped Crusader himself, Batman. The musical guest for the episode was the Pentatonix!

Batman / Pentatonix

The episode starts with an exterior shot of Elmo’s home from Sesame Street. I believe this is the first time we see the outside of his home in this series so far.

Elmo’s parents yet again excuse him so he can host his talk show. Before he hits the stage, his dad reminds him to think of a bedtime story for once the show is over.

Elmo hits the stage to do his monologue. He still looks a little weird as he walks out, but he’s a puppet so I don’t know what to expect here. As always, Elmo has great energy and he is so happy to see us. We are happy to see you too Elmo. He introduces his guests before he goes into his one monologue joke which is:

What is a monsters favorite type of bedtime story?

A Hairy-Tale

Alright, so I’ve heard better jokes from him. He is allowed to have a bad joke every now and then. He is forgiven for this one.

Also, the band is called Mama Bear and The Monsters. I believe in past recaps I referred to them as The Monsters. Just wanted to clarify that.

We see a quick glimpse of Rosita back stage as she is trying to wrangle up sheep for a segment later on. She, unfortunately, can’t find three sheep BUT she does find some monkeys.

We head back to the desk and learn that Elmo has been working on his imitations! He decides to give us a preview. With Cookie Monster sitting on the couch, Elmo does a fantastic imitation of Cookie, but he can not figure out who Elmo is imitating.

There is one quick exchange during this bit that got a laugh out of me. Stick with me as I’m paraphrasing here. Cookie Monster calls out Glen as the person Elmo is imitating. This causes Elmo to say, wait what, who is Glen? For some reason, I laughed really hard at that line. Maybe because it reminded me of Samantha from Frozen 2. Needless to say, I enjoyed that bit.

Batman is introduced as the first guest. He walks around the stage to make sure it is safe of villains it seems. Batman is a weird guest to have but WB, who owns DC properties such as Batman, is under the same umbrella along with HBO, so this is just corporate synergy going on. Batman sits down and says his famous line, “I am Batman.” Elmo being as cute as he is, replies with, “Elmo is Elmo.” (Gosh, I love this show)

Elmo asks if Batman has a sore throat due to Batman’s voice sounding the way it is. Cookie recommends tea with honey to help. Batman says he uses the voice to protect his identity. That is the only question Elmo gets to ask The Dark Knight, as they quickly bring out the Random Game Button! This episode, Batman and Elmo play Beach Ball Ballyhoo! The rules of this game are simple, whoever lets the beach ball hit the ground first, loses.

Watching this game play out was entertaining. Batman would always be in a new location to hit the ball in the air, as Elmo would sit at his desk either drinking from his cup or using his feet to hit the ball. Unfortunately, the ball goes into the audience and is accidentally popped by a porcupine. The game ends in a draw.

Cookie asks Batman why there is a sound effect all the time, Batman says it plays whenever he does anything, like cleaning his boot!

The Bat-Signal appears on the curtain and he quickly leaves to go save Gotham. (Crossover episode possibility is through the ROOF)

We go backstage once more to see that Rosita finds the three sheep she was seeking for a segment towards the end of the show. There wasn’t a lot of backstage moments this episode. No Bert and Ernie, we haven’t seen Oscar since the first episode, and we still haven’t seen Grover. I’m very interested to see how they continue to use these characters as the show goes on.

Lets head back to the stage as we see Elmo’s dad pop through the curtain to not only ask if Elmo has picked a bedtime story yet, but to say that the Pentatonix helped with the dishes and they also have a song to sing!

The Pentatonix come out and perform a medley of different bedtime lullabies. The medley included:

  • ‘Mockingbird’ (not the Eminem song)
  • ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’
  • ‘Rock-A-Bye Baby’
  • ‘Frere Jacques’
  • ‘Brother John’ (I assume it’s an English version of Frere Jacques)

Elmo goes over to the Pentatonix to find out how they decide on which bedtime story to hear since there are five members. They use the Rock, Paper, Scissors game to make the final decision! Elmo thanks them for being on the show and presents them with a custom bedtime story book titled ‘Goldilocks and the Pentatonix.’ They all come together for a group hug which is soon infiltrated by Cookie Monster.

Elmo still has not decided which bedtime story he wants to hear. Thankfully, Rosita comes to the stage with a story that her mom used to tell her to help Rosita go to sleep called ‘Three Little Sheep.’ Rosita performs the song, which is interrupted by an electric guitar solo for a quick second. Rosita goes back to performing the song which not only helps Cookie Monster and Elmo fall asleep, but helps the studio audience fall asleep as well.

If Elmo is sleeping, who will do the Goodnight song for us? Don’t you worry! Rosita has us covered. Just like Elmo would, Rosita recaps the episode and reminds us at the end that We are Loved and We are Special.

Elmo wakes up for a brief second to wish us goodnight and the episode ends with Elmo falling asleep in bed.


While this isn’t my favorite episode so far, (John Mulaney and Lil Nas X have that title), this episode was still very enjoyable. I loved seeing Batman as a guest and I hope that it opens up the door for other DC heroes to go on the show in future episodes.

Who knows? Maybe Zack Snyder will go on next year when the Snyder Cut is released.

The bedtime medley of songs was cool to hear but it is toward the bottom of my rankings for musical performances.

Here are my musical performance rankings so far:

1. Lil Nas X (Elmo’s World)

2. Jonas Brothers (Toothbrush Song)

3. Kasey Musgraves (Rubber Ducky)

4. Pentatonix (Bedtime Story Medley)

All of the performances were great, don’t get me wrong, there were just some that were better than others.

I have no idea how many episodes of this show are in its first season, and while there is a full list of guests that come on the show, I don’t know who is on next week. So until next Thursday, be safe, have fun and remember…You are Loved and You are Special.

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