DISCLAIMER: I couldn’t find any images from this episode online, so I am using generic images of the show. Thank you for understanding.

I’m just going to come out and say it, this was probably my least favorite episode of the series so far. The first four episodes have been very good, whether it be a great guest, or a great musical act, or a combination of the two, each episode has had a bright spot. This episode, I don’t feel had that great of either spot, so let’s get right to the recap!

Nature Nick / Jordin Sparks

The episode begins with Elmo helping his mom clean dishes right before he asks to be excused so he can start his talk show.

Elmo comes onto the stage, high fives Cookie Monster and goes into his monologue.

Almost immediately after he starts, the Sun appears causing the stage to get a little bright for Elmo. Elmo is confused as to why the Sun is there since it is nighttime. He calls in his Outside Corespondent, Grover, to investigate whether it is night or not.

This is Grover’s first appearance and I like the role he plays.

We see Grover outside on Sesame Street trying his best to be a very serious reporter. He asks a lady on the street whether it is nighttime or not. The lady responds by saying that since the streetlights are on, it must be nighttime. Grover is not fully convinced so he tells Elmo he will continue digging deeper into this story and will report back later.

We head back to Elmo and we see the Sun leave and the Moon appear. Elmo has a great joke to tell the Moon.

Why does the Moon go around the Earth?

-To get to the other side…

The crowd does not laugh but you do hear cricket sounds. Elmo assumes that the joke didn’t go over too well, but a cricket comes out to tell Elmo that he really enjoyed the joke and the cricket sounds he heard was actually the cricket laughing.

Elmo heads back to the desk to welcome his first guest, Nature Nick.

This segment was cute because Elmo had some good lines but besides that, I didn’t get much from it.

Nature Nick walks out with a baby alligator named Boots.

Nick explains the skin being bumpy to Elmo. He also states that alligators have eyes on top of their heads so they can see other animals. Elmo responds by saying his eyes are on top of his head for the same reason.

The second animal that Nick brings out is an owl. The owl is soft just like Elmo, and it spreads its wings as if it is flying which gives Elmo a nice breeze.

Nick brings out a second owl which is much smaller. Elmo asks Nick why he is wearing gloves. It is due to the owls having such sharp talons that could scratch Nick if he weren’t wearing gloves. Elmo asks if owls eat pizza or gummy bears, Nick sadly says no to both and says that owls eat mice. That makes Elmo feel a little uncomfortable.

Nature Nick leaves and Cookie goes on the couch to play a game where they both guess if an animal is nocturnal or not.

Three animals are on the stage and each one makes a sound:

The first animal is a cat and it meows. Cookie thinks it is a raccoon. It is not.

The second animal is an owl and it hoo’s. Cookie once again thinks it is a raccoon. It is not.

The final animal is a raccoon and it says, “What does a guy gotta do to get some garbage around here?” Elmo and Cookie both agree that this is in fact a raccoon.

Elmo then welcomes Jordin Sparks to the stage to sing ‘The Itsy Bitsy Spider.’

Before she leaves the stage, Elmo gives her a drawing of a spider.

This is my least favorite musical act. I was never a fan of Jordin Sparks and I was actually a little confused to see her on the show.

Here are the updated Musical Act Rankings:

1. Lil Nas X (Elmo’s World)

2. Jonas Brothers (Toothbrush Song)

3. Kasey Musgraves (Rubber Ducky)

4. Pentatonix (Bedtime Story Medley)

5. Jordin Sparks (Itsy Bitsy Spider)

Elmo now has his pajamas on as he gets one last update from Grover.

Grover is visibly tired and he has come to the conclusion that it is nighttime, and he is also not a nocturnal animal.

We go back to the stage as Elmo sings his goodnight song, recapping the show and reminding us that Elmo Loves Us and We are Special.


Like I said earlier, this was my least favorite episode.

I usually am not a fan of the nature experts on talk shows, but even on this one Elmo had some decent one-liners but it wasn’t enough to save the segment for me.

Jordin Sparks being the musical guest surprised me. Just didn’t think she was that relevant anymore. I could definitely be wrong since I don’t really pay attention to the music industry.

It was only a matter of time before I disliked an episode.

The first four episodes were all very good and this one just didn’t hit the mark for me as a fan. I’m sure that the remaining 8 episodes will have a few more shows like this one accompanied by some shows that will battle for my all-time favorite.

Until next Thursday, be safe, have fun, and remember…You are Loved and You are Special.

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