This is probably the first week where I didn’t wait up until 3 AM to watch the newest episode of the show.

So that means that future recaps will come later in the day, but you will of course still get them every Thursday here on!

This week, Elmo welcomes Myles Brown and the Joyous String Ensemble to the show.

Let’s get right to that recap!

Myles Brown / Joyous String Ensemble

The episode starts out like every episode so far; Elmo gets excused from his parents to begin his talk show once he hears Cookie Monster start talking. His parents wish him luck, Elmo thanks them and goes off to do the show.

For the FIRST time, Elmo rides a tricycle out onto the stage! It also gives us the first birds eye view of the stage which reveals the shows logo on the floor. He also does not perform a joke during his monologue. They are changing it up halfway through the season and I am liking it!

During the short monologue, it is revealed that Cookie is babysitting his niece and to make sure she does her bedtime routine, but he can’t keep track of her. (This problem will last the entire episode)

Elmo announces the guests for today’s episode and then leads into a Question and Answer segment from the crowd. Elmo starts talking to the letters Q and A in the crowd as they ask Elmo the very important question of, What is Elmo’s favorite letter?

Elmo responds by saying his favorite letter is U because Elmo Loves You!

The letter Q starts crying and says that there is something in her eye, which prompts the letter I to walk out next to them. Cute Bit.

Elmo welcomes Myles Brown to the stage! Elmo is intrigued by the fact that he is only 15 and asks if he is able to drive a car. Myles says not yet but hopefully soon. Myles says that he has babysat before but never had set destruction like Elmo had.

Elmo reveals that basketball is Myles favorite sport and has him spin a ball on his finger to impress the crowd.

Before we say goodbye to Myles, they play a contest of Nursery Rhyme Rap Battle. Myles has Elmo rap about Mary Had a Little Lamb and he kills it. I very much enjoyed Elmo’s rendition of it and would listen to it again.

Elmo has Myles rap about the Itsy Bitsy Spider and I’ll be honest, it wasn’t good AT ALL. I am not aware of Myles having any experience rapping in the past but I was not entertained by his version. It didn’t flow at all and it just sounded odd the entire time. I do not recommend his version.

The second act of the episode consists of the Joyous String Ensemble. They perform orchestral versions of Rubber Ducky and Sunny Days. The first part was good but it REALLY picks up when Sunny Days begins. It’s a great performance.

Elmo goes over to them to ask if they ever babysat other people and I believe they said yes. Elmo gives them a musical box and says farewell.

As with tradition, Elmo changes into his pajamas and performs his Night, Night song for the audience.

“Elmo loves you, you are special, night night.”

Instead of putting in the several moments of the show that were centered around Cookie and his niece, I will summarize it all here:

So Cookies niece first chew off a piece of the set, later on she runs across the stage. After the rap contest, Cookie and Abbie notice that his niece is in the control room trying to eat buttons. Once in the control room, the niece runs away with the script for the show. Before the musical guest, the niece runs onto the stage again followed by Cookie, Abbie and a random backstage character. After the performance, the niece swings across the set like Tarzan. Cookie and Abbie go backstage to find the niece falling asleep to a bedtime story. That’s the end of the niece drama.

The only reason I separated it is because I thought it went on too long and it was too frequent.


After last weeks episode with Nature Nick and Jordan Sparks, I was afraid that the middle batch of episodes wouldn’t be of high quality like the first bunch were. Sadly, I was somewhat right.

Myles Brown wasn’t that exciting of a guest. His rapping didn’t help him either so that was a sour start. Along with half the episode being about Cookie Monster’s niece, it just wasn’t that great of a start, but the musical guest gave it the extra points it needed to save it from being my least favorite episode.

Here are the updated Musical Act Rankings: 

1. Lil Nas X (Elmo’s World)

2. Jonas Brothers (Toothbrush Song)

3. Kasey Musgraves (Rubber Ducky)

4. Joyous String Ensemble (Rubber Ducky, Sunny Days)

5. Pentatonix (Bedtime Story Medley)

6. Jordin Sparks (Itsy Bitsy Spider)

If next weeks preview is correct, I believe Blake Lively is the guest on next weeks episode, so until then, be safe, have fun, and remember…You are Loved and You are Special.

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