With the show having a small rough patch midway through the season, it came back last week with a good episode featuring Blake Lively with an amazing musical performance by Dan & Shay.

This week was an episode that I have been looking forward to. That is due to the main guest being John Oliver.

The episode also features a performance from Sofia Carson as well as a poem by Kwame Alexander.

This marks the first episode where Elmo has three different guests on the show. He balances it all very well. He is getting used to this Talk Show gig.


As with every episode, Elmo gets excused from his parents to go host his talk show. Recently, the segments in the beginning that feature his parents have been getting shorter. His dad also doesn’t interrupt the show close to the end to remind Elmo about his bedtime either. It’s either because the dad just doesn’t care anymore, or Elmo has a mental timer of when he needs to end the show.

Also, is the audience CGI or super-imposed? The visuals of it are so compelling to me and how they actually make it happen. Might have to tweet at a production member of the show to see how it works.

Elmo is thankful we are here as always. He goes straight into the monologue mentioning several adjectives that describe the upcoming show he has planned. One of the adjectives is kooky, a word I haven’t heard in probably a decade.

Each time Elmo says kooky, Cookie Monster appears because he thinks Elmo is saying ‘cookie.’ This bit goes on a total of 3 times before Elmo announces the guests for the show.

John Oliver

Elmo goes to his desk and gets right down to business by introducing his first guest who wears glasses and also hosts a talk show, it’s John Oliver!

(I absolutely LOVE John Oliver. Whether it’s The Daily Show, Community, The Love Guru or Last Week Tonight, he is fantastic in everything he is a part of.)

Elmo gets straight to the point and asks John Oliver what it is like to have two first names.

John compliments Elmo on this good and tough question. He quickly pins the question on Elmo by asking him what it’s like having only one name.

Elmo thinks about it and compares himself to Cher. John Oliver agrees that Elmo is just like Cher in more than one way.

John tells Elmo that if he ever wants to use any of Johns two names, he is more than able to. This goes into a cute conversation about Elmo having John Oliver sign papers to make it official. John makes a joke about how Elmo was very quick to get into the nitty gritty of the contract situation, and calls Elmo an aggressive negotiator.

The next question for John is to see what animal he would like to be. John needs a second to think about it so Elmo and John take a quick thinking break. Elmo quickly comes up with his wish of being a fish so he could hang out with his goldfish Dorothy.

(This takes me back to Elmo’s World where we would see Dorothy all the time. This is the first mention of Dorothy in the Not Too Late Show universe)

John says he would love to be a puppy because he can make very convincing barking sounds. He proceeds to demonstrate these sounds and I’m just going to say it, he is SPOT ON.

Elmo then sends the question over to Cookie Monster and without any hesitation, Cookie says, “Moose.” John is amazed by how he answered it quickly with no hesitation. Cookie then does his impression of a moose which is him making antlers with his hands and saying, “Moose” over and over again. Top Tier comedy coming from this segment.

In the final part of the John Oliver segment, they bring out the contest button. This time around, Elmo and John are playing the Slow Dramatic Running Contest. In this contest, you have to run as slowly and dramatically as possible.

Cut to the race and they are both running as slowly as they could. They are both off to a great start, running as slowly as they possibly could. It takes a sudden turn when John Oliver trips over the finish line meaning that he wasn’t running as slowly as Elmo. Elmo is the champion. He is rewarded with a ribbon where he then thanks his parents, Dorothy as well as John Oliver. As a thank you gift for being on the show, John gets to keep the headband that he used for the race.

Sofia Carson

The next guest is Sofia Carson. You may know her from The Descendants franchise over on Disney Channel.

She goes on to sing a beautiful rendition of ‘Hush Little Baby.’

She is a wonderful singer, but it wasn’t really my style so it doesn’t make the Top 5 in my Musical Rankings so far.

Let’s check on my new musical performances rankings!

1. Lil Nas X (Elmo’s World)

2. Jonas Brothers (Toothbrush Song)

3. Dan + Shay (I Don’t Want to Live on the Moon)

4. Kasey Musgraves (Rubber Ducky)

5. Joyous String Ensemble (Rubber Ducky, Sunny Days)

6. Sofia Carson (Mockingbird)

7. Pentatonix (Bedtime Story Medley)

8. Jordin Sparks (Itsy Bitsy Spider)

Elmo ends her segment of the show by striking a fashion pose due to Sofia’s past experience in the Paris Fashion Week.

Elmo gives Sofia a handmade card which features a drawing of the two of them. It is a very cute drawing.

Sofia tells Elmo that she has to begin her bedtime routine so she exists the stage.

Kwame Alexander

Elmo goes back to his desk and announces that he is about ready to go to bed, but first, he welcomes Poet Kwame Alexander to the couch.

Kwame mentions that it is a dream of his to be on the stage with Elmo.

He goes on to talk about how he gets inspirations for poems. It could be from something he reads, a trip he takes or even the audience that he is sitting in front of. He takes in everything he is sensing and he lets the words flow.

Recently, Kwame has been thinking about being thankful about bananas as well as his friends, his daughter as well as kids who read books.

(Very weird that his daughter is the THIRD thing he is thankful for. I personally believe it should be above bananas, but that’s just me)

Since he is sitting in front of Elmo, he decides to make up a poem about Elmo.

To be honest, which I usually am in these recaps, the first verse wasn’t that great. It was sloppy and poorly put together. Thankfully, the second verse is a little bit better.

Kwame exits the stage because he has to go tuck in the third thing in his life that he is most thankful for, his daughter.

Elmo does a quick change into his pajamas at the desk then hits center stage to begin his goodnight song.

As always, Elmo Loves You, You are Special.


I was SUPER excited to see John Oliver on the episode. He is one of my favorite people on television and like I said earlier, he is amazing in every appearance he makes.

Sadly for this episode, this was the only redeeming quality of this episode.

BUT, his appearance carries this episode and makes it one of the better episodes of the series so far.

His conversation with Elmo was just adorable. I love how it went into Elmo being an aggressive negotiator and his interactions with Cookie Monster when Cookie said he wanted to be a Moose.

That whole segment is Top 3 for me when it comes to the couch moments on this show.

According to the sneak peak for next weeks episode, it looks like Ben Platt from Dear Evan Hanson and Pitch Perfect will be the guest. So far it is looking good since he is very talented and I am a fan of his.

So until next week, don’t forget…You are Loved, You are Special!

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