Yes, I know this recap is a week late. I apologize.

If you are not reading this on July 17 2020, then this recap was DEFINITELY on time.

Not Too Late Show has been doing pretty well the past two episodes. The Dan & Shay performance still pops into my head, and I still can’t get over how adorable Elmo’s interview with John Oliver was.

In Week 9 of Not Too Late Show, I had a good feeling about it due to one of the guests being Ben Platt (Dear Evan Hansen). The featured guest for this episode was Hoda Kotb from The Today Show.

Let’s see if Elmo can continue his newfound ‘hot streak’ through this episode!


The episode starts with Elmo helping out his parents clean dishes after dinner. He is quickly excused to go begin his talk show.

Elmo begins his monologue with one of his classic jokes that will lead into one of the main topics of the show.

What did Elmo learn in preschool today?

-Not enough because Elmo has to go back tomorrow!

I liked that joke. Wasn’t a laughing joke but definitely a clever one in my book.

Elmo takes a Talk Show Time Out because he forgot to pack his backpack for school tomorrow. He goes backstage where he runs into Grover who volunteers to make sure his backpack is packed. Elmo at first seems hesitant to leave Grover in charge of this important task, but he eventually let’s Grover have this responsibility.

Talk Show Time Out is over and Elmo heads to his desk!

Now it is time for E Mail.

The letter E brings out a letter to Elmo.

Since Elmo can’t read, he has Cookie Monster come to the couch to read the letter for him.

“Dear Cookie Monster, can you go 10 seconds without eating a cookie?”

A cookie slides out onto a plate in front of Cookie. He is practicing self control, but in the final second, he loses the self control and eats the cookie in classic Cookie Monster fashion.

He then tells the person who wrote the letter that he can not go 10 seconds without eating a cookie.

Hoda Kotb

It is time for Elmo’s first guest!

He introduces Hota Kotb by saying that The Today Show will be on TV tomorrow, and that confuses him a little bit.

Hoda comes to the couch and Elmo has a very important question. No fillers, just hard hitting questions from Elmo.

Would Hoda rather act like a chicken or dance like a robot?

Hoda chooses to act like a chicken and she proceeds to do that accompanied by music from Mama Bear and the Monsters.

The next hard hitting question is finding out what Hoda does to get ready for the day.

Hoda goes through her morning routine which includes getting up super, super early. Elmo assumes it’s 7:30 and then guesses 7 AM for Hoda’s wake up time. Hoda stuns Elmo by saying she wakes up pat 4 AM. She then goes to brush her teeth, take a shower, and then she goes downstairs to do research for her interviews for that days show.

Elmo seems a bit thrown off with the research portion of Hoda’s answer, probably making it SUPER clear that Elmo does not do any research for his interviews.

The question segment is over and we are going into the Random Contest Button portion of the show. This weeks contest is Hot Potato, but don’t worry, Elmo assures us that the potato is not actually hot.

After the first round, Cookie is eliminated from the contest. In the second round, Elmo holds onto the potato for a bit too long which leaves Hoda to be the winner of the game. She gets to go home with the official Not Too Late Show Hot Potato.

Before Elmo goes to the next guest, we get to check in with Grover as he announces he has fully packed the backpack, but he still wants to install a jetpack so that Elmo is never late to school. The jetpack turns on and is flying all around backstage.

Ben Platt

Elmo welcomes Ben Platt to the stage by saying he is an actor, singer and he lives on the 14th floor of his apartment building. Ben tells Elmo that he loves the letter C and begins to sing a song about things that start with the letter C. Since cookie begins with the letter C, Cookie Monster accompanies Ben to sing the song.

I don’t know what the official song title was but I’m going to guess that it was called, ‘Cookie Starts with C.’

It was an alright performance.

Ben Platt has an incredible voice and a part of me was hoping he would perform a more well known song on the show. Having him sing this song was a waste of his talents and definitely a missed opportunity.

Let’s check on my new musical performances rankings!

1. Lil Nas X (Elmo’s World)

2. Jonas Brothers (Toothbrush Song)

3. Dan + Shay (I Don’t Want to Live on the Moon)

4. Kasey Musgraves (Rubber Ducky)

5. Joyous String Ensemble (Rubber Ducky, Sunny Days)

6. Sofia Carson (Mockingbird)

7. Ben Platt (C is for Cookie)

8. Pentatonix (Bedtime Story Medley)

9. Jordin Sparks (Itsy Bitsy Spider)

I hate putting Ben Platt so low but it had to be done. I’m sorry Ben.

Elmo comes to the stage to ask Ben what type of songs are the ones Ben likes to sing the most. Ben responds by saying that he loves to sing songs that have a good story behind them.

He is also asked what his favorite cookie is, Ben’s favorite is Oatmeal Chocolate Chip. (I respect that)

Elmo gives Ben Platt a placemat for his breakfast tomorrow morning. Ben, Elmo and Cookie share a group hug before he exits the stage.

Before we head into the goodnight portion of the show, the backpack jetpack flies across the stage. Grover, Elmo and Cookie run back and forth trying to stay out of the jetpacks path, but the jetpack eventually comes to the ground just as Grover planned.

Elmo performs his goodnight song and during the song he goes on a long tangent to describe everything that had happened.

As always, Elmo Loves You, You are Special.


I was very much looking forward to the Ben Platt performance but the choice of song pretty much cancelled the excitement for me.

Hoda being the main guest was a pleasant surprise. I enjoyed Elmo’s reaction to her waking up at 4 AM as well as doing research for the talk show guests. I think that was a great self realization moment for Elmo and I’m always here for those.

Compared to past musical guests and featured guests, this episode isn’t my least favorite, but sits somewhere in the middle of the pack.

It was very nice to see Grover again. Each time I see Grover I keep expecting to see Gonzo from The Muppets but instead I see Grover who just doesn’t look like he is living his best life. Maybe we will get to see Super Grover at some point because regular Grover just looks like he is going through some stuff.

Speaking of the extra characters that are thrown into episodes now and then, we still haven’t seen Big Bird, and we haven’t seen Bert and Ernie in a while. Hopefully that will change in the remaining 4 episodes that we have yet to see.

Next weeks episode features Mykal-Michelle Harris, Jonathan Van Ness along with a performance from H.E.R.

So until next week, don’t forget…You are Loved, You are Special!

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