With just three episodes in this season of The Not Too Late Show, it was time for me to look for the next program that I could write recaps for.

Luckily, one of the guests on this episode has a history with the stars of the next Recap show!

If you want to find out what the next show is, I’ll reveal it at the end of this recap!

I wasn’t aware of this weeks guests, but I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that Andy Cohen and Josh Groban would be visiting the Not Too Late Show.

Let’s recap this episode!


This episode starts with Elmo helping his father clean the dishes. Once Elmo hears Cookie Monster start his spiel, he asks to be excused so he can do his talkshow.

As always, Elmo is excused and heads to the stage.

For the SECOND time this season, Elmo enters the stage while riding a tricycle! (The first time was during Episode 6)

It is time for Elmo’s Monologue Joke!

Elmo: Knock, Knock?

Cookie: Who’s there?

Elmo: Duck Go!

Cookie: Duck Go Who?

Elmo: Duck doesn’t go who, it goes Quack, Quack!

(A duck appears on the stage for the Quack, Quack portion of the joke)

Elmo announces that Grover will be the featured guest on the show, followed up by a song from Josh Groban!

We head backstage as we see Grover holding a map of the back area as he tries to find his way to the couch for his interview. He goes the wrong way and ends up wearing a silly outfit.

Heading back to the mainstage, we see Cookie Monster cleaning out his podium and throwing things across the stage. This prompts Elmo to play a brand new game (along with a new graphic) called Guess What’s Inside Cookie Monsters Podium!

The new graphic appears and Cookie is impressed by how fast the graphic team works.

(I personally love moments like this where they feel real and say things that aren’t cookie (no pun intended) cutter lines for the kids)

The first item in the podium has spots, is found at home, and it makes noise. Elmo guesses a doggy, but it is actually a cookie. The cookie makes noise because Cookie Monster eats it wildly.

The second item is soft, huggable and always with Cookie Monster at bedtime. Elmo guesses a teddy bear, but it is also a cookie. Cookie keeps it with him for sweet dreams.

The third item is round, delicious and one of Cookie Monsters’ favorite snacks. Elmo confidently guesses a cookie, but it turns out to be an orange!


Elmo welcomes Grover to the stage. We see a behind the scenes shot of
Grover right behind the curtain but this curtain doesn’t lead to The Not Too Late Show, it leads to Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. This leads to a cute exchange between Grover and John Oliver, where Grover was excited to be on such a popular talk show, John thanks him for the compliments, but Grover actually meant The Not Too Late Show.

(Loved this bit. Love John Oliver)

Rosita shows up behind the curtain to tell Elmo they can’t find Grover. She does her best by sending out a guy in a Grover poncho looking clothing.

Elmo mentions that Grover looks taller, it is due to a growth spurt that Grover had. He was supposed to show Elmo what the difference between near and far are. So ‘Grover’ leans in to Elmo to show what near is, then he leans further back to show what far is.

Elmo isn’t pleased and mentions that Grover usually moves around a lot. ‘Grover’ goes into the audience, behind the couch and by the band to prove his points once more.

The next special trick Grover was supposed to do was lift a cow over his head while riding a tricycle. ‘Grover’ has had enough, so he takes off the poncho to show that he is actually Andy Cohen!

Andy Cohen

Andy is quickly greeted with the Random Contest Button. This time, they play a game called, ‘Pick Up the Not Too Late Show Toys!’

This game requires Elmo and Andy to use a slingshot to put toys into a bucket. After shooting a few objects, Andy Cohen is declared the winner and he exits the stage.

Elmo starts to wonder where the real Grover is so we get a check in to see Grover lost on the street but it turns out he is right outside of the studio. He does not realize this and continues to search for the studio.

Sadly, this is the last time we see Grover and we do not find out if he makes it back to the studio.

Elmo’s dad comes on the stage to tell Elmo that he did a great job picking up his toys. Elmo doesn’t take all the credit, he tells his dad that Andy Cohen helped him complete the task.

Josh Groban

Elmo welcomes Josh Groban to the stage wearing an outfit which could resemble a homeless person.

He sings a song called, ‘I Love Trash.’

Oscar the Grouch pops up early on in the song because he wants Josh’ singing to be more trashy. That is not possible for Josh because he has the voice of an angel, but he does make his voice sound a little bit rustic.

It is a cute duet and it was nice to see Oscar get some actual stage time without being interrupted.

Josh Groban gives Elmo a picker-upper thing to help him pick up his toys. Elmo’s dad comes back to the stage to see the mess that is left after the musical performance. Josh promises to clean up the trash.

Let’s check on my new musical performances rankings!

1. Lil Nas X (Elmo’s World)

2. Jonas Brothers (Toothbrush Song)

3. Dan + Shay (I Don’t Want to Live on the Moon)

4. Kasey Musgraves (Rubber Ducky)

5. Josh Groban (I Love Trash)

6. Joyous String Ensemble (Rubber Ducky, Sunny Days)

7. Sofia Carson (Mockingbird)

8. Ben Platt (C is for Cookie)

9. Pentatonix (Bedtime Story Medley)

10. Jordin Sparks (Itsy Bitsy Spider)

11. H.E.R (I Love My Hair)

Josh Groban gets the 5 Spot on the list. While the Joyous String Ensemble were incredibly talented and performed some classic songs from Sesame Street; the presence of Josh Groban and his beautiful voice can not go unmatched. The only reason he isn’t higher on the list is due to the song not being a complete BOP.

Elmo sings his Goodnight Song and before we get Elmo turning off his lamp to fall asleep, we get a brief clip of Josh Groban picking up the trash on the stage.

Don’t worry, Elmo still Loves You, and You are still Special!


With last week being a so-so episode, this week was a guaranteed winner with the amazing guests featured.

I really enjoyed the Andy Cohen as Grover bit. Andy is such a great entertainer and while I don’t watch any of the shows that he hosts, I do enjoy him when he goes on other talk shows, as well as his episode of Hot Ones.

The John Oliver clip was unexpected but ALWAYS welcome.

Josh Groban has a beautiful singing voice. How do I know this? Well if it wasn’t obvious from the clip above, or listened to any of his music, he did have a small role in Muppets Most Wanted.

Let me wrap up this recap by saying that this episode is about middle of the pack, if not a little above that. I wouldn’t say it’s in my top 3, but possibly my top 5 or 6?

So until next week, don’t forget…You are Loved, You are Special!

And if you made it this far down expecting the next Recap show announcement, here is your reward!

Starting this week, the next show that will be recapped on GoodBadEh.com, will be…


I am a big fan of The Muppets and this is their first project since their ABC show got cancelled a few years back.

Muppets Now premieres on Disney + starting on July 31st.

When will those recaps be up? Hopefully on the same weekend that each episode is released. This is not a binging show, I believe that episodes will be released weekly, which is definitely good for me since there are still 2 episodes of The Not Too Late Show left to air.

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