For the penultimate episode of the season, it was definitely one that hit on all cylinders!

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This week, Elmo welcomed Olivia Wilde to the couch along with a musical performance by Sara Bareilles!

Let’s recap Episode TWELVE of The Not Too Late Show!


Along with almost every other episode, this one opens up with Elmo getting excused by his parents to do his talk show. Before he heads to the stage, he looks back and says, “Thank You,” to his parents and I think he says it in the cutest way.

We head to the stage where Elmo greets Cookie Monster as well as Mama Bear.

Elmo gets right into the monologue with his joke that sets up the theme for this weeks episode.

What does a slice of bread wear to bed?

-Their jammies

This joke is accompanied by two jars of different jam appearing on stage to celebrate the joke. Cookie gets in on it and says that the jammies make the bread feel warm and toasty.

As the jars are exiting, one bumps into Elmo and says, “Didn’t mean to jar you.” It’s just more jar humor that I’m here for. They didn’t run the jokes into the ground and I respect it!

Elmo realizes that it is close to jammie time so he asks The Count to help him count down until jammie time. The Count appears on screen telling Elmo he has 10 minutes!

(This marks the first appearance of The Count on the show.)

Elmo announces the guests and heads to the couch.

We quickly head backstage to see two goats in the makeup and wardrobe room chewing on Elmo’s jammies and they tear. Rosita finds them just as they run out of the room.

Elmo is at his desk and he asks Cookie Monster what kind of jammies he wears. Cookie gets interrupted by the two goats still chewing on the jammies, while Rosita follows them trying to catch up. It turns out that Cookie Monster wears brown jammies. (Nothing too exciting)

Olivia Wilde

Elmo welcomes Olivia Wilde to the stage and she is already wearing her jammies.

She tells Elmo that it is very exciting that he is only three and has his own talk show. Elmo says he is actually 3 and a half years old. Olivia mentions that she has a three year old daughter. Elmo asks if her daughter has her own talk show yet, Olivia says not yet.

Elmo comments on her jammies which prompts her to comment on Elmos suit. Elmo is proud that he was able to tie his own tie which only took him 4 hours.


Elmo asks Olivia the very serious question of whether she would say the Peter Piper tongue twister 5 times, or do a silly dance to ‘Elmo’s Song’

She of course chooses the dance and she crushes it!

The random contest button pops up and it is time to play Teddy Bear Dress Up Contest!

The rules are simple, the first one to dress up their teddy bear in their jammies wins.

Olivia is off to a fast start while Elmo seems to be taking his sweet time. Just as Olivia thinks she is done, Cookie points out that the top button isn’t finished. Right as she is about to fix it, Elmo announces that he is done which marks the greatest comeback in Random Contest Button HISTORY!

As a guest for being on the show, Olivia gets to keep the Teddy Bear and she gets to also go home with a ‘swag bag.’

Before we get to the musical guest, Elmo goes back to the desk and asks The Count for another update. The Count informs us that Elmo has 5 minutes until jammie time. We also get to see the goats in the control room as well before The Count kicks them out.

We head back to the couch where we find Elmo and Cookie making small talk. The topic they are discussing is Elmo’s weekend and how he went somewhere. Elmo makes Cookie guess where Elmo went. Cookie Monster guesses places like, The Hamptons, Catskills, and the Jersey Shore.

It turns out, Elmo went to The Land of Cookies. He pulls a brochure out to have camera operator Frankie to zoom in on the map while Elmo talks about all the rides they have at the park.

(As a big Disney Parks fan, I was not impressed with their offerings. I am also surprised Elmo didn’t shamelessly plug Sesame Place)

Cookie reveals he hasn’t been there since he was a little monster. He asks to see the brochure and promptly eats it while saying that Elmo had a delicious weekend.

Sara Bareilles

Elmo welcomes Sara Bareilles to the stage to perform a song while Elmo goes to brush his teeth.

Sara and her two best friends appear on stage with their instruments while accompanied by a very special guest, BIG BIRD!

(This marks Big Birds first appearance on The Not Too Late Show)

She performs her own version of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.

At first I was enjoying it for what it was, and then she added her own stuff to it and I enjoyed it SO MUCH MORE! She has such a beautiful voice and she killed her performance on the show.

Let’s check on my new musical performances rankings!

1. Lil Nas X (Elmo’s World)

2. Jonas Brothers (Toothbrush Song)

3. Dan + Shay (I Don’t Want to Live on the Moon)

4. Kasey Musgraves (Rubber Ducky)

5. Sara Bareilles (Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star)

6. Josh Groban (I Love Trash)

7. Joyous String Ensemble (Rubber Ducky, Sunny Days)

8. Sofia Carson (Mockingbird)

9. Ben Platt (C is for Cookie)

10. Pentatonix (Bedtime Story Medley)

11. Jordin Sparks (Itsy Bitsy Spider)

12. H.E.R (I Love My Hair)

As amazing as Josh Groban was last week, the song wasn’t that great and his amazing voice could only carry it so much. His spot at #5 was short lived but Sara deserves that spot. She has a great voice and I loved her rendition of this classic lullaby!

Elmo comes back to the stage to thank Sara and also ask her how many instruments can she play. Sara knows how to play the ukulele, the guitar and the piano.

Sara’s present from Elmo is a pair of jammies.

We hear a sound in the studio which was The Count’s way of telling Elmo that the countdown to jammie time has ended. Elmo finds his way backstage but can’t find his jammies. The goats come backstage to apologize about the mishap while offering Elmo a pair of their own jammies to use.

Elmo makes his way to back to the stage wearing goat jammies which are very itchy and makes him feel embarrassed.

He sings the goodnight song and reminds us: You Are Loved, You Are Special.


This was a great episode without a doubt. While it didn’t carry the same AWESOME punch that the first couple episodes did, every single guest was fantastic we got to see two CLASSIC Sesame Street characters make their first appearance on the show.

If you haven’t seen the film that Olivia Wilde directed titled ‘Booksmart,’ you need to go and watch it. It is funny, heartfelt and amazing in every single way!

If you enjoy Sara Bareilles, she created the score to the Broadway musical, Waitress! I personally haven’t seen the show or listened to the soundtrack, but my girlfriend and her sister LOVE IT.

Next week is the finale of The Not Too Late Show with Elmo. I have not looked at the sneak peak because I want to be surprised but I really hope this season goes out on a high note!

So until next week, don’t forget…You are Loved, You are Special!

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