Now this is something I’ve been waiting for since D23 last year.

FINALLY, we have some original Muppets programming on Disney+.

I’ve talked in the past about the original plans for the Muppets on the popular streaming service, which included the Josh Gad produced show, but since that was cancelled, Muppets Now is the programming Muppets fans were excited about.

Before I get into the review, I’m going to break down how the reviews will go.

I didn’t know what kind of show this was going to be or how it was going to be formatted. All we knew was that it was an unscripted Muppets show. Turns out, it is just that, but inside of the show are different segments that are hosted by your favorite Muppet characters.

Instead of doing a full on recap of the episode, I will break down the episode by each segment, give some highlights, what I liked, what I didn’t like, and then end it with a score of Good, Bad or Eh.

Let’s light those lights!

The episode starts with a video call between Scooter and Kermit talking about how they need to upload all the videos TODAY. Scooter proceeds to do that which prompts the rest of the Muppets to text them well wishes.

One thing that I loved about this cold open, was the video chat service logo was a rainbow and the word Connector was written over the rainbow. A little reference to the ever so famous Kermit the Frog song, Rainbow Connection.

Lifestyle with Miss Piggy

Miss Piggy is now a style influencer on YouTube. She is joined by Deathly to give you tips on how to improve yourself. Some of the tips in this segment were:

  1. Pick clothes that complement you
  2. Accentuate your favorite features
  3. Own your flaws

One of the highlights of this section is the back and forth between Miss Piggy and Deathly. Especially the one where Piggy asks Deathly what her flaws were. Deathly knowing that this is a dangerous question to ask, she promises him that it’ll be ok. Deathly then takes out a notepad and asks whether the flaws are external or internal.

We then head into a section which features Taye Diggs. Both him and Piggy are going to get face slapping massages. The massage therapist comes out and slightly taps Taye’s face and Miss Piggy is so excited for it to happen to her. The therapist turns around to work on Piggy and just clocks her in the face.

(This is the funniest part of the Lifestyle segment)

Miss Piggy just keeps getting punched in the face by the therapist until she has had enough. Miss Piggy takes down the therapist which wakes up Taye Diggs and he wonders what happened.

The last section of this segment is a chat room. The other members of the video chat include Janice, Rosie and Linda Cardellini. In this section, they chat about their different styles, and answers a fan question.

Segment Thoughts:

I think this was a very solid segment.

The back and forth between Deathly and Miss Piggy is definitely one of the highlights. Deathly has such a dry sense of humor and is good with his slight jabs at Miss Piggy who will never take them well. This is a very good pairing which has been around since The Muppets on ABC.

The slapping massage therapist was AMAZING. I didn’t think I would laugh as hard as I did. The section started off so nicely with her working on Taye Diggs, but that first punch on Miss Piggy was perfection and I love how it escalated from there.

The video chat was ok. There weren’t many funny moments. The only moment during that section was Miss Piggy leaving the chat with some metaphors that make absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Lifestyle with Miss Piggy: GOOD

Muppet Masters

This next segment, hosted by Walter, will show off the hidden talents of your favorite Muppets.

The first episode will dive into Kermit the Frog and his hidden talent of photography. This is followed by Kermit being concerned due to his lack of knowledge when it comes to photography.

We cut to a photoshoot where Walter is taking photos of Sam Eagle. Walter mentions different photo tips like Rule of Thirds, and the horizon line to make sure the camera is level.

As Walter is taking the photos, Kermit is popping up in each one. It is then revealed that Kermit is not a master photographer, but a master photo bomber. He then proceeds to photo bomb the rest of the photo shoot.

The segment ends with Kermit teaching Walter how to photobomb Miss Piggy. Deathly is taking pictures of Miss Piggy for her Instagram in hopes of getting free merchandise. If that wasn’t made clear, Miss Piggy is using the hashtags: #sendmemakeup and #sendmediamonds.

Walter is a terrible photobomber which leads him to get caught by Miss Piggy. She then kicks him into the bushes.

Segment Thoughts:

I like the idea.

The execution of this first example wasn’t that great. While photography is a fantastic skill to have, I didn’t find it that interesting to watch.

Photo bombing being the actual talent would’ve been funny a couple of years ago but in 2020 (or 2019 when this was probably filmed) it just seems like this is a segment that an older generation would like since they are always late to what’s popular.

If in future segments they use wackier talents or something that is extremely odd when paired with a certain Muppet, things can definitely improve. Kermit being a photographer can make sense because he has been running The Muppet Show and was the main person behind Miss Piggy’s talk show in their ABC show.

If we took a wildcard like Gonzo, who is known for shooting himself out of cannons and doing dangerous activities, and then pair him with a more somber talent would be a more interesting thing to watch. It will add to the character of Gonzo.

Muppet Masters: EH

Okey Dokey Kookin

This is a cooking show which pairs the Swedish Chef with an actual chef.

Both chefs have to combine two dishes into one master dish. This segment includes plantains with a chicken curry.

The actual chef, Carlina, has all her ingredients portioned out and organized. She will continue this trend of being professional for the rest of the segment.

Swedish Chef comes in late with sunglasses on.

To prepare for the curry, he grabs a pot and throws a bunch of things into it like a full box of salt, some popcorn as well as a whole pineapple. He then shakes the pot so that it can be (poorly) mixed. To get the chicken part, he finds a chicken and starts to massage it to get it relaxed before he would put it in the pot, the chicken ends up running away.

To begin the plantains part of the dish, he cleans his cutting board by spitting on it and wiping it.

As someone in the food industry (I’m a waiter), I found this hilarious and so against what is allowed in restaurants.

To make the plantains, he grabs plants and puts them in a pan. The host informs him that plantains are made from bananas and not actual plants. Swedish Chef grabs bananas and just mashes them together.

Since his curry wasn’t made, he gets it delivered. He opens up the togo box of Curry and throws his smashed bananas on top of it. When compared to the professional chefs dish, it looks absolutely disgusting.

The delivery driver who brought the curry is asking Swedish Chef to sign the receipt but he refuses to tip the driver. He repeatedly says, “No Tip Him,” as the driver goes to the professional chef to sign the receipt.

Segment Thoughts:

This segment was only for fans of Swedish Chef. If you don’t like Swedish Chef for some reason, you will hate this segment.

As someone who finds Swedish Chef hilarious, I very much enjoyed his moments in the segment. The moments with the host and the professional chef were bland and that’s why I didn’t even talk about their parts.

I know that things can only get wilder from here but I do hope for a better relationship between Swedish Chef with the rest of the people on screen

Okey Dokey Kookin: EH.

Mup Close and Personal

This segment is a featured interview between one of the Muppets along with a celebrity guest.

For this episode, Kermit was interviewing Ru Paul.

To save you some time, this is supposed to be a nice sit down with Ru Paul that kept getting interrupted over and over again by different Muppets.

First it was Gonzo who would ask the weirdest questions like if Ru Paul would want to be awake when spiders crawl into our mouths while we are sleeping. Gonzo was followed by Howard who knew everything about Ru Paul so he answered the questions for him.

After Howard, Miss Piggy came to the interview to ask Ru Paul if the term Diva is positive. Ru says that it is and mentions that Miss Piggy is the most important female figure in the industry. This, of course, excited Piggy and she asks Kermit if he heard that. He did hear it. She then asks him again which prompts Kermit to say, under his breath, “Unfortunately you heard it.”

It is that one line that made me laugh because it was not at the center of the interview and just Kermit being Kermit.

The segment ends by Fozzie interrupting and having all the Muppets come to the stage to ask Ru Paul questions at the same time.

Segment Thoughts:

I think this could be a great segment that is FULLY based on if you know/like the celebrity being interviewed.

I know very little about Ru Paul so my interest in the interview was based on the Muppets aspect of it which had its moments.

Howard popping in and answering questions I liked because he was aware he was doing it. The Kermit line I mentioned was probably the highlight of the segment to me.

Mup Close and Personal: EH

This episode ends with Kermit and Scooter being back on the video call talking about how all the clips have been uploaded. They then proceed to talk about notes on how to improve certain areas for future episodes.

Episode Thoughts

I think this was a solid first episode!

It gave us a look at what to expect in the future and that’s what it needed to do.

This show will heavily focus on certain groupings of the Muppets and not them as a whole I believe. They will work with each characters strengths and really pursue that.

I would like to think that segments will be featured multiple times over the course of the season and we will see more new segments appear every so often.

The segments that were featured today were a good starting batch. While I didn’t love every single one, I saw how each one could improve in the future and I hope they do. The one I liked the least was probably Muppet Masters. If future segments don’t take a Muppet and give them a hobby that is the complete opposite of their personality, I think my opinion on them will probably stay in the EH range.

Every other segment had its highlights and I’m excited to see where this show goes!

Since this is a Muppets title, give this show a shot. The Muppets haven’t had great content that stayed on air in a VERY long time and if this show gets good viewing numbers, that means Disney could bring more Muppets content to Disney+ and possibly outside of Disney+ as well!

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