Well everyone, we did it.

We have completed the first season of The Not Too Late Show with Elmo.

Give yourselves a round of applause.

About 3 months ago we set out on a journey to watch this children’s talk show on this brand new streaming service not knowing what to expect.

Turns out, we experienced the most sincerest of laughs and good moments as we watched the youngest talk show host ever, Elmo, talk to some of our favorite celebrities.

Whether it was The Jonas Brothers, John Mulaney, Jimmy Fallon, or this weeks episode with Jason Sudeikis, Elmo brought out the kid in each one of his guests and it made this show better than I could’ve expected.

Besides the incredible line up of guests featured over the past three months, Elmo welcomed some of the best musical performances out there!

Dan & Shay, Kacey Musgraves, Sara Bareilles, Lil Nas X and this weeks guest, Ciara, Elmo had a lineup of musical guests that would make Coachella wish it was a 15 minute long episode for viewers older than 1 years old.

For the final time this season…Let’s Get To The Recap!


The final episode starts just like the rest of them, Elmo gets excused from his parents to host the talk show. He thanks them as he heads to the stage for the final time.

Before he heads to his mark at the center of the stage, he gives his hellos to the audience as well as Cookie Monster and Mama Bear.

His monologue consists of a joke, like most of them have so far this season.

What is a bananas favorite tune?

A banana comes out next to Elmo and in the style of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, “Na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na.”

(Wasn’t the greatest joke, but it makes more sense if you watch it in the episode)

With last weeks episode being about pajamas, this weeks episode is ALL about POTTIES and Elmo is NOT ashamed!

He is screaming potties like he is at the Grand Canyon. He even gets the audience involved to create a Potty Time chant.

He announces this weeks guests as Jason Sudeikis and Ciara.

Before we get to the first guest, we head backstage to see an audience member trying to find his seat. Luckily, Grover is in an usher costume to help the audience member. Grover quickly leaves backstage.

Jason Sudeikis

We are back at the desk as Elmo welcomes Jason Sudeikis to the couch.

Cookie Monster confesses that he is a big fan of Jason, and Jason admits that he is a big fan of his, as well as Elmo.

Elmo hits Jason with the first question of: Would you rather do 100 push ups or drink a glass of water without stopping?

A sound effect plays and Elmo thanks Chris for the sound.

(Once again, I love these shout outs to random people that work backstage. It’s the little things like this that make this show fantastic)

Since Jason already did his push ups backstage (apparently), he decides to drink the glass of water. Elmo tells Jason that the water is room temp. He chugs the glass and Elmo is very impressed.

Elmo wants to get down to the brass tax! He wants to know where Jason is from. Jason tells Elmo that he is from Kansas City. Elmo asks the crowd if there is anyone from Kansas City. A cow moo’s and a generic audience clapping sound plays.

Kansas City is a place that Elmo had been to. Cookie is interested in finding out what their official cookie is. Jason mentions that the cookie sandwich with ice cream in the middle is a big hit. He is explaining what a cookie sandwich is to Cookie Monster and he tells Jason to stop ‘cookie-splaining’ the cookie sandwich.

(YES COOKIE! You don’t need another person telling you what a cookie sandwich is!)

Elmo also hops in to tell Jason to stop cookie-splaining. Since there are two different Kansas City’s, Jason explains to Elmo the reason that there are two.

During that conversation, Elmo goes on a shape rant by saying that rectangles are underrated and that circles get all the love. Jason believes it is because rectangle has a lot of syllables. Elmo agrees by saying that it takes an entire day to say the word.

Elmo mentions that Big Bird wants to know what the state bird of Kansas is. Jason knows that it is the meadowlark.

After mentioning the state bird, the random contest button comes out and it is time for a Silly Dance Game!

Mama Bear and the Monsters play a really cool cover of Elmo’s Song as Jason does silly dances. Even though the music stops, Jason doesn’t stop dancing because he actually has to use the potty. He asks Elmo for directions to the potty as he exits the stage.

We quickly see Grover backstage with the audience member finally finding his seat. It just so happens that the seat is in the directors chair in the control room.

Grover tries to give him the power of changing the camera feeds but the audience member is not about that free labor so he complains and they both leave the control room


While Elmo is changing into his pajamas, Cookie welcomes Ciara to the stage.

To accompany Ciara in singing her song, ‘Believe in Yourself,’ she welcomes Rosita and Abby to help out.

She goes on to perform the song and I digged it. It was sung very well and the song has a nice message!

Once the performance is over, Elmo comes back on the stage to say goodbye to Ciara as well as give her a drawing of sheep he made because sheep help him fall asleep.

Let’s check on my new musical performances rankings!

1. Lil Nas X (Elmo’s World)

2. Jonas Brothers (Toothbrush Song)

3. Dan + Shay (I Don’t Want to Live on the Moon)

4. Kasey Musgraves (Rubber Ducky)

5. Sara Bareilles (Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star)

6. Ciara (Believe in Yourself)

7. Josh Groban (I Love Trash)

8. Joyous String Ensemble (Rubber Ducky, Sunny Days)

9. Sofia Carson (Mockingbird)

10. Ben Platt (C is for Cookie)

11. Pentatonix (Bedtime Story Medley)

12. Jordin Sparks (Itsy Bitsy Spider)

13. H.E.R (I Love My Hair)

Ciara’s performance was worthy of being in the top 5, but after rewatching the Sara Bareillis performance last week, Sara gets to keep her spot and Ciara will be hanging out right below her at number 6!

Let’s check in with Grover and the audience member one more time.

The member is freaking out because the show is almost over. Grover says that they are almost on stage and they end up on the set of Last Week Tonight (AGAIN!)

(I of course love this on going bit of Grover going to the LWT set instead of the Elmo set)

John Oliver is very confused, as he should be, and the audience member, thinking that John is Elmo, says that TV is fake because John is not red or furry. To try and convince the audience member that John is actually Elmo, Grover has John quickly sing ‘Elmo’s World’ as well as give us his best Elmo laugh.

John of course delivers on both and the audience member is not impressed because it doesn’t sound like Elmo at all.

We head back to the stage where Elmo gives his final goodnight song of the season. Remember that You are Loved, You are Special!

On his way backstage, he walks past Grover and the audience member. It is in that moment where he realizes that John Oliver was not Elmo. Grover asks him if he wants to meet Jason Sudeikis who apparently looks a little bit like Cookie Monster.


I believe the season ended on a strong note.

Jason Sudeikis was a fantastic guest. I loved the cookie-splaining bit along with the shape rant.

While I haven’t heard a Ciara song since 1, 2 Step, the song she performed was pretty good and had a nice message for all the kids (and 26 year olds) that were watching this episode.

This episode featured my favorite Grover appearance with the audience member. I love how he always ends up on the Last Week Tonight stage because that means I get to see more John Oliver.

Season Review

If you have read every recap that I put up so far, you would know that midway through the season, this show hit a bit of a rough patch. Those episodes just weren’t the same quality as the first handful.

Despite that rough patch, the highs of this show were HIGH enough to make up for that rough patch. The final three episodes were good in their own ways.

My favorite part of the show?

Elmo’s interactions with the guests. It is so wholesome and I love when Elmo would admit that he is stopping the fluff questions and coming with the hard hitting ones.

Elmo really is a fantastic talk show host. While some of the show does seem scripted, it is in those brief improv moments like the rectangle bit from this episode that really make each guest segment memorable.

My least favorite part of the show?

The lack of background characters.

In the 13 episodes, here are the character appearances for, what I consider, the most popular Sesame Street characters:

Big Bird: 1 (Episode 12)

Bert and Ernie: 3 (the first three episodes)

The Count: 1 (Episode 12)

Oscar the Grouch: 3

Grover: 3

THIS is my biggest complaint. How were these FAMOUS characters barely featured in this 13 episode season? Big Bird was only in 1 episode! That is blasphemy!

Besides all that, this first season surpassed my expectations and I enjoyed it way more than I thought I would.

The first season of The Not Too Late Show with Elmo was…


This was a fun show to watch for a majority of the season. If you like to watch your favorite celebrities do silly things but you don’t feel like watching Fallon or Corden, definitely give Elmo a shot!

Until next season…You are Loved, You are Special!

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