Last week we were treated to the series premiere of Muppets Now! over on Disney+. If you missed that episode, definitely go check it out and read my review on each of the segments right HERE!

Now it is time to check back in on the Muppets and see if they have any new segments for us this week to go along with the somewhat impressive segments that were shown off last week!

Let’s watch some Muppets!

Instead of a video call between Kermit and Scooter to start this show off, Fozzie steps in for Kermit and is pitching new segment ideas that are totally pun based. That would be the occurring theme for all the transitions in this episode.

It was nice to see Fozzie! We only saw him for a little bit last episode in the Mup Close and Personal segment. I’m excited to see how the show celebrates the character and takes advantage of his comedy style.

Pepe’s Unbelievable Game Show!

This is, you guessed it, a game show hosted by Pepe! Scooter is featured as the producer to make sure everything goes by schedule.

The game has two contestants that will go against each other in a variety of different games. Scooter introduces the games and Pepe immediately dismisses his ideas because he finds them confusing and would prefer a more simple format.

The first game was a staring contest and the referee for the game was a penguin. The first person to laugh wins. I would NOT have won this game because the penguin kept getting closer and closer to each contestant and I would’ve started laughing the first second I saw the penguin right in front of my face.

Pepe, being the best game show host, declares the winner and then begins to give random points to each contestant for no clear reason.

The second game was called Laundry Time. Carol comes out who is a larger Muppet and the contestants had to throw dirty laundry into the hamper (which is Carol’s mouth). Since it is laundry that they are tossing, there is no real way to figure out who tossed the most laundry in, so Pepe just declares a winner.

The final contestant goes to the Bonus Round where Gonzo comes out with his chickens. They get shuffled around during a performance and the contestant has to figure out which chicken is Camilla. He guesses wrong, and it turns out Gonzo couldn’t tell them apart either which upsets the chickens.

Segment Thoughts:

I really liked this segment.

For some reason, I love when Scooter gets pushed to the side when the only thing he is doing is his job. When there is chaos in the same segment as Scooter, it is always a guaranteed laugh.

Pepe is a phenomenal game show host. Even though he is the host, he has no clue how the show works or what it is even about. He does his own thing and I love it so much. I’m excited to see what more crazy things Pepe will do in future installments of this segment.

Including Gonzo at the end with the chickens was pure joy for me. His relationship with the chickens is a strong one and it is always entertaining when I see them on screen together.

This segment is one that will definitely peak my interest next time that it pops up during the episode.

Pepe’s Unbelievable Game Show: GOOD

Okey Dokey Kookin

This week, Swedish Chef goes up against Danny Trejo in a battle to make the best tacos.

This segment is off to an incredible start when Swedish Chef wants to fight Danny because of his mustache. It was hilarious. Knowing that he is inside his mind, Trejo decides to keep talking crap to Chef. You can tell when Swedish Chef is mad because there is a red effect applied to the screen.

To make the tacos, Danny is going to use moole as his main ingredient.

Swedish Chef is chopping peppers without gloves which ends up turning on him because his hands and face turn super red. So red that steam ends up coming out of his ears. Knowing that Danny is using moole, Chef grabs a mole and starts dressing it up as if it’s a taco. He gives the mole a tortilla wrap, then throws sour cream and avocado at them, finally finishing off the plating with a pepper on top. Chef takes a quick taste which burns his mouth, he screams for milk and Danny comes to the rescue to help the burn go away.

Segment Thoughts:

Last week when we first saw this segment, I said it was EH, because of the lack of relationship between Chef and the other people on the screen.

This week, it is the complete opposite as the mini feud between Chef and Danny Trejo. Just the two of them together made this segment fantastic and I will always love the crazy method Chef uses to complete his meal at the end.

This weeks installment of Okey Dokey Kookin took it to the next level and I could only hope that future installments will include an incredible relationship between Swedish Chef and his competitor.

Okey Dokey Kookin: GOOD

Muppet Labs Field Test

This segment started off with a message from Kermit and Joe from legal just to make sure we don’t do anything that we are about to see.

We head into the segment where we see Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, Beaker and an AI assistant product. Instead of listening to Beaker, Honeydew is only taking instructions and advice from the AI, who very openly wants to get rid of Beaker.

Today at Muppet Labs, we are seeing if certain items melt or burn when they are put against fire. Since Beaker is expendable (according to the AI) he is the one that has to light everything on fire.

The first round of items included ping pong balls, steel wool, a clock and some marshmallows.

In order to set up each round of burning items, we see a short chalkboard animation of Beaker getting hurt over and over again in different situations that are related to the experiment.

They go through a second round of testing and they want to have one last thing to burn. With Doctor Bunsen Honeydew not in sight, Beaker takes the AI product and burns it.

Segment Thoughts:

I always love the pairing of Doctor Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker. It is one that I often look forward to when I see MuppetVision 3D in Walt Disney World. With them having their own segment, I know that I will always be guaranteed a good laugh while watching Beaker be the test dummy.

Having the AI assistant wanting to replace Beaker but end up with Beaker having the last laugh was fantastic and I love that Beaker got his revenge.

I’m excited to see what future experiments take place over at Muppet Labs!

Muppet Labs Field Test: GOOD

Lifesty(le) with Miss Piggy

Once again there is an issue with the title card which misnames the show. One saving grace for this short bit is that Miss Piggy comments on it each time.

This time, Miss Piggy is talking about Health and Fitness and she gives us these three rules to live by:

  1. Add activity to your everyday life: Use an exercise ball instead of a chair
  2. Stay Hydrated: Piggy asks Deathly to put a whole bunch of ingredients in her water like mint, lemon, ginger and more.
  3. Get a fitness buddy: Bobo the Bear comes out to be her fitness buddy. He sits on her which makes the exercise ball pop.

Taye Diggs is back with Piggy as they decide to do Hot Yoga.

After flirting with Taye for a little bit, they get into some poses. While doing the poses, Taye is executing them flawlessly, while Piggy is having a difficult time. Through all the shaking and grunting, the struggles all pile up as she collapses into a corpse pose.

The segment ends with another Chat Room!

Linda Cardellini is back with the penguin Jeff, alongside her on the video call is Yolanda with her husband Bubba, and Camilla the chicken. It turns out that Linda went to high school with Bubba.

While talking about eating healthy, Bubba mentions his favorite healthy foods like baked ziti and calzones.

Miss Piggy ignores a fan question that asks, How to avoid pigging out after a workout. I could see how Miss Piggy could get hurt by this question.

Before logging off, Deathly informs Piggy that she should tell the audience that she is not a fitness expert.

Segment Thoughts:

One of the best aspects from last weeks segment was the back and forth with Miss Piggy and Deathly, that added a good amount of humor to the segment that this episode didn’t really have.

Seeing Piggy struggle during yoga did give me a chuckle but it wasn’t the big laugh that I had last week during the face slapping massage.

Chat Room will probably be my least favorite segment. There usually isn’t anything there that can help finish each episode on a high note. This episode did feature Bubba who had some good lines but besides him, this round of Chat Room didn’t do much for me.

Lifestyle with Miss Piggy: EH

The episode concludes with Beaker getting a notification from his doorbell video cam which shows Fozzie at his front door doing his stand up routine. Scooter walks away from the call but Fozzie continues to deliver his sometimes mediocre jokes.

Episode Thoughts

After having a solid episode last week, this week we are given an even better episode which featured new segments (Pepe, Muppet Labs), improved segments (Swedish Chef) and it showed us that not all segments will be consistently funny (Lifestyle).

I was very happy with the new segments and thought that if they keep this momentum, they will always deliver a good installment. We were showed that when paired with a good partner, Okey Dokey Kookin can be really, really funny.

I’m sure there are way more segments that have yet to be premiered. I am hoping for a more Kermit focused one along with Gonzo and Fozzie having their own segments as well.

The only thing we can do now is wait til next Friday to see what the Muppets have for us!

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