Has GoodBadEh become a HSMTMTS fan blog?

Possibly…and there’s nothing wrong with that!

Season One of this beautiful show was spectacular and I continue to say it was better than The Mandalorian. With that Star Wars spin-off having a fantastic season 2, it is up to Ricky, Nini and the rest of the East High Wildcats to deliver and bring us an amazing sophomore year of my favorite show.

With all the drama and love triangle business going on in the past few months, HSMTMTS will have a LOT of brand new eyes being drawn to it, whether it’s to see the chemistry between Joshua Bassett and Olivia Rodrigo, or to support Olivia due to her global takeover that Driver’s License has had on the music industry.

So for all the new faces who will be tuning into HSMTMTS Season 2, welcome to East High, we are happy to have you.

Season Two premieres on May 14th and will see our beloved cast perform Beauty and the Beast. 

While I highly recommend watching the entire first season (or even rewatching it before the next season starts), here is a quick character by character recap of the entire first season of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. 


Ricky and Nini used to date, they broke up because Nini sang him a song professing her love for him and he didn’t reciprocate the same emotion. He wanted Nini back so he auditioned for the role of Troy, he got it. The school year would continue with him looking for ways to get back into Nini’s life.

When it was close to happening, Ricky started hanging out with Gina and that made Nini back off because she thought there was something there.

During the play, Ricky froze up because he saw his newly single mother in the stands with her new boyfriend. He then let EJ take the role of Troy because he believed it was the better opportunity for Nini to be at her best since there was a recruiter there for a theater school.

Ricky ended up finishing the show as Troy. In the dressing room after the show, Ricky confessed his love for Nini and we are set to believe that they are now back together.


Nini started the school year with EJ. They met at a theater camp over the summer and hit it off. She knew things would be awkward when she saw Ricky but didn’t think too much of it.

She auditioned for the role of Gabriella and was cast as her, instead of her boyfriend EJ getting the role of Troy, it was her ex-boyfriend Ricky that landed the part. This obviously led to them working together a lot in order to prepare for the show.

Over the course of her relationship with EJ, Ricky would often try to give his piece of mind and tell her his feelings about the two of them. One of these examples is a voicemail that Ricky left on her phone. EJ saw that there was a voicemail by Ricky so he took Nini’s phone, listened to the voicemail and deleted it.

Ricky ended up telling Nini about the voicemail and Nini had no recollection of it which led her to think that someone got into her phone and deleted it. This led to a problem for the two of them and eventually a falling out.

Towards the end of the season, Nini applied to a theater school. The school ended up sending a recruiter to the performance which made her super nervous. She fought through the nerves and played the part exceptionally well, even receiving an offer from the school to attend. In the dressing room after the show, Ricky confessed his love for Nini and we can assume that they are continuing their romantic relationship. How can the news of her getting accepted into a school out of state affect her newly rekindled romance with Ricky?


We were introduced to EJ as Nini’s boyfriend that would be a shoe-in to get the role of Troy in the musical. When he didn’t get the role, he assumed that Ricky had an underlying plan to get Nini back and this was how it was going to happen.

EJ was considered the villain of the show alongside Gina for the longest time as they often wanted to team up to replace Ricky and Nini as the leads of the musical.

We continued to learn that EJ was a terrible boyfriend to Nini, not only for taking her phone and looking through it without her knowing, but admitting that during summer camp, Nini would only get more prominent roles because of his help and not her actual talent.

When they broke up, EJ had a reflection phase where we learned that he would often put on a persona for his online following but it wasn’t giving him the same satisfaction that it usually had.

He decided to change his attitude and life purpose to be a positive person and to help whenever he can. This was shown prominently with Gina as he paid for her plane ticket to come back to the school for the musical. (More on that soon)

We are to assume that EJ is a good guy now that we can have respect for, but something tells me in the new season, he will try and pull some crap to gain that villain title back.


Right from the start of the show we assumed that Gina would be a villainous character, very similar to that of EJ.

Gina lost the role of Gabriella to Nini and she would often try to pull antics to convince Nini to back down and give up the role.

Part of her scheme was to get closer to Ricky and to discover if that would throw Nini off her game. It came close but Nini never backed down from the role.

During game night with the East High students, we learned a little bit more about Gina’s upbringing and we discovered that she would be moving, yet again, causing her to leave East High and miss the musical altogether. 

In the final episode, she makes her return to the stage all thanks to EJ’s polite gesture to fly her back because it would be crazy for her to miss this performance that she worked so hard on.

Knowing that she would have to leave again at some point and how she will miss her East High friends, Ashlyn proposed that she stay with her in her home so she can continue to attend East High and work on future productions that will be put on.


Kourtney has mostly been a support character for Nini, helping her go through her love triangle with EJ and Ricky and supporting her in every way possible.

Kourtney was originally cast as the backup to Gina for the role of Taylor, but she mainly focused on wardrobe and costumes for the show

Once Gina moved with her mother, Kourtney was forced to confront her stage fright and slay the role that she wasn’t well prepared for.

It wasn’t until the end of the season where her singing voice and talent were put on display and people took notice.

I believe if Nini ends up going to the theater school, we will see a bigger role for Kourtney and more opportunities for her to showcase her incredible voice.

Big Red

Similar to Kourtney, Big Red has mostly been a support character for Ricky, while slowly growing in his own personal ways.

Big Red is the AV person for the show, controlling the lights and microphone levels throughout the performance. While he was controlling the board, Mr. Mazzara mentioned his robotics club as something he may be interested in. Big Red took an interest in that so I think he will be joining that club in season two.

In terms of romance, he had a slow burning flirtatious relationship with Ashlyn and it wasn’t until the end of the season that we finally saw them share a kiss. East High has another new power couple in the upcoming season.


Ashlyn didn’t have the biggest role in season one.

She was cast as Ms. Darbus in the performance and we were treated to a wonderful original song that she performed on the piano.

Besides playing Ms. Darbus, she had the flirtatious relationship with Big Red which ended with them sharing their first kiss together.

She also offered to allow Gina to stay at her home to avoid Gina moving away again.

I hope we are able to see more of Ashlyn in season 2, especially with her new relationship with Big Red and how that may affect the bromance between Big Red and Ricky.


Frankie played an essential role for the musical by being the choreographer.

Throughout the first season, he had a relationship with Seb but was never made public until prom night.

When prom night happened, Seb was nowhere to be found and couldn’t be contacted, Frankie took this as a ‘I’m not ready for this kind of exposure’ message but it was all miscommunication since the power went out at Seb’s farm and they ended up spending prom together.


I originally thought Seb would be a random background actor that would play a minor role, but when I saw him perform as Sharpay during the musical, I knew that he would need a bigger role in season 2 and seeing him featured on the cast photo is an incredible sight to see.

Him and Frankie are together and they will be yet another power couple at East High when the second season begins.

Miss Jenn

Miss Jenn has settled into her role as the drama teacher, and with the help of Lucas Grabiel, accepting the fact that the kids are the stars of the show now.

She was also able to finally say her infamous line that was cut from the end of the High School Musical film, “Is that the last apple?”

I would love to see her character receive an incredible opportunity outside of East High and have that be the cliffhanger going into season three. 

Mr. Mazzara

Mr. Mazzara is the robotics teacher who originally was against Miss Jenn but towards the end of the season, they bonded a little bit after spending Thanksgiving in the empty school. I see them working well together in the upcoming season.

So there you have it, a quick recap of each characters experiences during the first season of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.

The second season of this wonderful show premieres on Disney + starting on May 14th.

I’m way too excited to see them take on Beauty and the Beast and you will of course receive weekly episodic recaps here on GoodBadEh.