Animal Crossing: New Horizons made its way to the Nintendo Switch just one year ago and plenty of players have accumulated hundreds of hours ensuring their island paradise is up to their standard, all while paying off their home loans to Tom Nook.

While the small events that have taken place over the course of the past year have given players the ability to discover new recipes, the aspect of the game that had players spending so much time in it has vanished.

When it comes to what Animal Crossing can improve upon for its second year on our console, there are a few things that can have players return to their multiple hour play sessions.

New Permanent Building

One of the fun aspects of the game from the beginning was the building and placement of Nook’s Cranny, the Museum and designing the overall layout of the island.

Fans of the Animal Crossing franchise know there are plenty more characters that can make an appearance and be a permanent member of your island.

One familiar character that should make his appearance in New Horizons is Brewster.

In previous titles, Brewster ran The Roost Cafe which allows villagers to make their own coffee order and eventually work a part time job at the cafe.

Introducing Brewster into our islands will shake things up by having the player rethink the island’s layout and find the perfect spot for his cafe. If the ability to work for the cafe is included, it will be a fun mini-game that could keep players entertained.

Players could make drinks for other villagers and possibly be rewarded whether its through bells or items.


There are multiple possibilities for fun sized experiences to be introduced in New Horizons.

Currently, some of the smaller activities we can participate in include returning lost items, card games with visiting villagers and the occasional bug and fish catching competitions.

One mini-game that would have been perfect for the Mario 35th Anniversary, which is currently being celebrated within the game, is collecting red coins around the island.

If all eight coins are collected, the reward could be a Mario themed recipe, or one of the many Mario themed items that were made available in the Nook app.

The inclusion of the cafe part time job, or introducing more former characters that allow you to complete more fun tasks similar to how you collect spirits for Wisp in return for an item would be a fantastic addition for the game. Adding more experiences similar to this and having the reward be worthwhile, would have players checking in on their island and spending more time in the game.

Island Expansion

Games like Sim City allow the player to take control of multiple cities that can connect to each other.

The only way to create a new island is to delete your save and start over.

One of the best parts of Animal Crossing is creating your island, planning out the layout and recruiting new villagers. Having the ability to bring even more villagers to your expanded island and the opportunity to put in the work and craft your island expansion would be a fantastic addition to this game and will require players to put more time into the title. 

Whether this is made possible through a free upgrade or paid DLC, it would be fantastic to have the ability to expand your island to allow for more villagers to join in on the fun.